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This is poetry about music and love, the time of seasons coming together and the dream that never dies.
I love the garden, the smell of wet sod filled of life, the white picket fence and the gate open wide to the color inside.
Gardening can be rewarding, heartwarming and sometimes frustrating... All at the same time! Come read about and see what grows for me, as well as despite me!
Digging in the dirt this fall can lead to a beautiful flower garden next spring. Learn how to plant bulbs and grow spring flowers.
Deer, woodchucks, and slugs can all feast on your garden. Here are some tips for keeping them away.
There is a lot to see at the Domes here in Milwaukee. Seeing the different types of plants that grows in the tropics and arid climates and seeing the different types of floral shows in the Show Dome. The Mitchell Park Domes located at 524 S. Layton Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53215.
The following Summary is about the tree Gulmohar which is grown in large numbers in South India and its benefits to the people
Don't throw away that junk, be creative and make a garden out of it! It's sure to make your neighbors..well...think your crazy, but go ahead anyway. Create that Junk Garden!
A snapshot of a man who is stranded a long way away from where he wants to be. He dreams of going home.
A old soldier lays on his bed it is his last day. The memories of his wonderful life return.
Many years ago in Bethnal Green the house gardens would be open for all. People wandered about from garden to garden and maybe buy a flower or two for a penny.
A beautiful poem emanates from a lovely comment of readers All are welcome to comment ..
This poem is about a day in May, where meadows are like a beautiful canvas of color.
When ever I see imagination flowering words emanate One such small example outstretched
The flowers of the forests in the spring time. The bluebell the loveliest of them all. Spring would not be Spring without the Bluebell.
August is seen as a man watching his world garden grow into a beautiful scene. At the end August blows a kiss to the foxglove.
Some friends go for a walk on a beautiful Spring Morning
This article is about flowers and flower shows. Flowers always gives refreshment to us.
An unplanned assortment of plants sitting on a windowsill does not make a garden. More often than not, it makes a mess. However, plants can be successfully arranged around the window.
Gardenias are fragrant and lovely --- and easy to grow. These tips cover the basics of growing gardenias, both in flower pots and in the garden.
Perennial Flowers for Beauty and Hardiness. Keeping an attractive yard in the mid-west portion of the United States can sometimes be a challenge. Changing weather conditions that include drought, flooding, freezing temperatures and temperatures that sometimes exceed those of Death V...
There are numerous books out there that provide lists of so-called deer resistant flowers. In reality, deer will eat just about anything if they get hungry enough. There are a few flowers, though, that they will never touch.
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