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Many times, whether it be for a gift or because we take them on a walk in the field, we have fresh flowers at home. Bouquets with roses, tulips and orchids are usually the most popular. But of course when they are cut flowers have a limited life time and with each passing day they wit...
This article gives some insight as to why the Flower Industry is presenting some of the best opportunities for new business at this point in time.
Each country in the world has numerous national symbols to protect its national identity. In addition to the nation's flag and its anthem, the majority of countries have also flowers like national symbols. I’m going to present you some of the most beautiful and gentle examples of th...
Back ground is very important in photography. A very good photo can be very awkward if the back ground is not properly selected. Similarly, back ground can enhance the appeal of an ordinary photo. There are THREE important methods of getting the right back ground.
The blossoms or flowers from each of these vegetable plants are edible: Onion blooms, Okra blossoms, Radish flowers, Squash Blossoms, Pea blossoms, Runner Bean blossoms, Sage blooms, Society Garlic blooms, and Yucca blossoms. Some of the more common edible herb blossoms are: Rosemary,...
Three types of roses are on display with basic notes on each one. Plus, I'll give you a few ideas for decorating, cooking and otherwise enjoying your rose garden.
This is the final chapter of "A Vampire and A Dragon" and Zoey has just met the young girl that lives in the old stone house. Zoey is terrified and is sure that life is over as she knows it. She believes she will either be turned into a vampire or worse yet die.
Zoey, Duece, Mom, Chloe and Bernard ran for their lives when they left the Stone House. Mom finally got the bleeding stopped on Zoey's head. That bat had taken a nice little chunk out of Zoey's head. Now mom was afraid Zoey would get rabies. Zoey was in her room reading her spy nove...
A normal working day for an I.T. Service Field Consultant, taking his wife along for outing to see the country in our beautiful land, South Africa.
Zoey the dragon is busy planning her day. She has her heart set on meeting the new neighbors. They moved into into the old stone house yesterday. Mom thinks the house is haunted because creepy things happen there. She asked Zoey to stay away from the house but Zoey is determined. ...
A new day is dawning and Max hopes to get some answers about Bobby. Miss Renee is afraid of what they shall find but Max is continuing his own investigation.
Quick tips to improve your vegetable and flower gardens throughout the spring and summer seasons.
Biotech firm Revolution Biotechnology (RevBio) firm they done an experiment by feeding ethonol or beer to the flowers after 24 hours the colour of white flowers are changed to red. If feed by water once again the retain its colour to white.
This is poetry about music and love, the time of seasons coming together and the dream that never dies.
Roses for a gal you love. Roses are beautiful to give.
Join the world as it celebrates the latest happenings across the globe.
I don't if it is the smile I get while writing things like this, or its just the time I wasted in the effort that makes me do it, but I do it just the same.
Flowers remain attached to many things, including your heart. But they need to remain firmly attached to their stalk arising from the plant or bush to grow and thrive. The kind of attachment changes according to the breed of blossom chosen. Knowing more about these structures will hel...
A representation of wishful thinking, of hope for brighter days to come, for winter's frozen embrace to leave us and for the bloom of beautiful spring days to shower our days with color.
There is a saying the goes "If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren't really there." I was there and I know what they mean.
This poetry narrates about how angel descends to earth who is seen in dreams and the feelings of love that sprouts out.
The winter is a season of distress not only to the nobler race of man, but all animated creatures. Game and wildfowl of every species is tamed by rigor. Markets are overcrowded with all sorts of ducks, hares, plovers, woodcocks and snipes. In the mid 1800’s in London hares were a sh...
The spring was finally here, giving new life to those little things and souls dried by a very long and cold winter.
a medley of knowings that so often walk like spiders across my mind to be written down as they are here...yet as always the strings of truth and knowledge and being run through...enjoy...
Money cannot buy everything. If you don't agree with me, this poem is nut from your point of view.
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