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Are you going to travel oversea with your dogs? Try reading these tips. You may find things that you will need
This poem popped into my head while I was lying in bed one night.
While on their way to Music Island, Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird seem to have their ship attacked by something unknown! Are they in danger now?
Father babbles and babbles and babbles over the radio with pure excitement. He's so excited that Petros and I have finally arrived in the Canyon Manoir area. He keeps asking us if we can see him. I see the truck where he and Harrison is, but I'm so airsick I can barely think straight...
Well, I bought myself a helicopter to do aerial photography with. But, before I attach my brand new light HD camera to it, I'll have to learn to fly this remote controlled contraption first.
Taking into account the shape of an aeroplane's fuselage that is required for it to be aerodynamic, will the aeroplane still be able to fly with door openings open on the fuselage? Father found out the hard way...
It's been years now - I have three years in my head but it might be more or less, but likely more - that Father has been working on his flying contraption that he's building over at Tower Hills Airport.
Jack Koccumings is sitting in Father's self-built aircraft. He's probably sweating like a pig. But he's done this before. What's the worst that can happen? Ok, a lot of things.
Father is so stoked now that his flying craft is nearing completion, that he is inspired anew to fly all over. So he asked me last night that this morning at eight-o-clock, him and I fly to Parsima to have breakfast there.
One night, Father comes to see me in the living room. He asks that I bring my video camera with me tomorrow and come film him at Tower Hills airport. So, the next day I'm there.
Let me take you to a cave of wonders where the fairies with their speedily flapping wasplike wings are abundantly flying around in a world of their own... no wait. These aren't fairies that are so flying around. They actually are wasps. Close enough...
At Lanseria, we park the car very far because they have parking spaces far away marked "Long Term Parking", so I thought we must stop so far away. Fortunately on our way there, she greeted a passing shuttle driver, who then thought she wanted his services so he followed us all the way...
We get up early today. Father and I are going on a flight through the canyons.
A romantic interlude a decade back has come alive with a presentation of rare scotch from the American woman who was my love.
The one thing which makes birds different from all other animals and humans is that they can FLY.The flight of a bird was an inspiration for many inventors who could later create planes and helicopters. The Beautiful Feathers of the birds attract the observers most .Let's learn more...
The fear of flying has haunted many people. The very thought of flying makes life miserable for them. The fear of flying has prevented people from meeting near and dear ones. It has also prevented them from visiting great destinations. Here are ways that you can overcome the fear of ...
Ohio based PoulG toys are raising new generation stores for Radio controlled pterodactyl, that really flies with fluttering its wings. A new generation toy looks like pterodactyl.
A brief look on Air Asia's tragedy, company profile and my own perspective.
Obviously, you want to take your pet with you. There are several ways and procedures, you should know, when will bring pets, flying.
Moreover, fly without carrying luggage, actually gives a lot of advantages. Besides saving money, the smaller the risk of loss of goods, and outings you become easier and exciting.
Oh this is definitely leg pulling for some. For others it will make a lot of sense and whichever is yours enjoy...but perhaps it will open doors for you to go through...ha!
I read some pages of misery here and pondered on why this keeps happening for certain people...looking through a glass darkly! why don't they bloody change and see how wonderful all really is...always a choice for us to sit in shit or fly free....I know I always go North!!!!!enjoy
Who cares really what opinion you have for as I have said after three days as Mr. LIncoln said,....they smell...or ordure! WE ll have a right to what we believe and state as our truth but truth is in the eye of the believer and we are all believers..I hope!
The dreams of a young boy, the need to fly and touch anything that shines.
Omar Khayyam was a great Persian poet who wrote of love, wine and women. Khayyam did not know of supersonic flight, which I added for complete enjoyment of life.
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