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God is so awesome in creating each person differently. I don’t believe there is a carbon copy of me anywhere on this earth. I am a unique individual with many fastest to my own life. One thing is for sure, I am hard pressed right now.
This is an article about keeping true to your agenda and following them through for people to see. It also has a section about being self-aware as well as being aware of the differences in circumstances others face.
A rom-com mixed with crime. A pure popcorn movie with Smith, thank God, not acting as in "After Earth"
Most of us have committed some type of idiotic or blatantly wrongful act of some kind at one time or another. Initially most of us may not have realized just how terribly ridiculous the act was. It was as if we were held ~ to a certain extent ~ in bondage and darkness by evil for...
Like any sport, table tennis is all in the mind. Some tips...
I started my passion of writing few years back, but increased my pace only in the last year. Now my dream of achieving 5000 articles in the internet world is gaining momentum and i know that i will achieve this dream of mine one day for sure and just hope that i reach this goal fast
People all over the world are feeling the heavy tensions of life as they struggle to lead life comfortably. Increasing competition in almost every filed gives them restless days and problems of headaches are common with almost everyone here.
The art of picking up subject for articles is not an easy task as most of them though interested will struggle to write on a particular subject. Article writing is an art by itself as everybody cannot write as most of them do struggle with topics to write on which is actually the most...
This review tells you about three leading products on the market right now. These are all brand leaders and we see the features that make them unique. The Kindle, the Sony Experia M, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ20 Digital camera, Canon EOS 1100D and the iBall Slide tablet are well known nam...
If you have never read the poem by W.B.Yeats - He Wishes for the Clothes of Heaven then you are missing out. One of the lines in the poem is: 'tread softly as you tread on my dreams" and it prompted me to write a poem and this is my attempt about self realization;
believing on what you are focused on, no matter what people are saying.
Volunteering to helping others and putting yourself aside, can decrease your own challenges
It seems that as the planet moves through its moods so do we too...some of us are aware of the movements some are not...but when in a blue mood downward swing really the best thing to do is to look up and smile and with the help of some very good friends as I have here we will be on t...
When we want to materialize things, we need to give more attention to desire than doubts
To change life as it is said in The Master Key System, then we have to change the inner world, because it shapes the outer world
Is it really important that kids learn how to multitask at an early stage or should they be allowed to play like children? Is having a tablet or a cell phone in pre-school a necessity?
Whether you want a new lifestyle change or have a weight loss goal, here are some of the reasons why running is a great way to stay fit and healthy!
Some musings on how to maintain structure and purpose in your life to reach your goals
Inspired by how people seem to obsess over little things that don't matter.
Yes the recession is taking its toll, but with planning and adjustment will go a long way
No matter what when one it solve there is another one taking its place
Need help getting organized? Getting Focused? Getting STARTED? This writer recommends a book that helped her channel her energies and finally GET THINGS DONE
Do you listen when your heart speaks or do you let your thoughts, lusts and feelings dictate your life? Always it is your choice but my friend choose wisely for everything comes with its own agenda.....
9th in the More Than Series. This about forgiveness and about how it is more than just forgiving someone.
Most people need to stay active otherwise they get bored, but, staying active isn't the only remedy for unhappiness. Staying focused on the activity at hand is what keeps things, if not necessarily happy, content.
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