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It is difficulty to find a suitable girl or boy to marry, when it is difficult to people who are earning money having with 4 year degree, what about the persons does not have these qualifications
Sticking of several hundreds of coins on tree turnks by the foks, the foks are wishing by sticking the coins they will discharge their illness.
Monrovia capital city of Liberia, it is difficult to buy and read news to the people in that country. So mr Alfred Jshirleaf made a block board with daily news by his own hand writing.
It is must that children should consume two cups of cow’s milk daily, the latest research reveals the importance of milk for growing children.
Everywhere we go we see scenery. This poem is intended to spark imagination and humor.
This poem is about the relation of friendship between two people which is not less than any folk..!!
"A formation of stoned giants An’ the pavement full of bodies..."
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