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Having 1000 or more follower is amazing but sometimes it is like not having follower. On this article we are going to analyse this matter in examples.
The poem inspires those, who do not believe that life is like this we have to fight, until the end...and to encourage negative people to change their mind, set this time to positive.
If your ankle more disturb in the cold? If so, you definitely will get from these measure. Regular massage.
FaceBook is one of the best social networking sites. This website was created for connecting people and making distances shorter among friends and relatives.
We come to a place within where we recognize that we are more than just a bag of bones hiding in a body of flesh...then we change. This piece is about that and the constant flow of life for all things from man to bitumous coal...enjoy...
The red and green lights of the following and not following option confuse me.
We go day in and day out expecting that people know where they are going, but do we ask ourselves if they even know where they are going.
A Haiku. Shadows Follow Me is a poem describing shadows following someone. A Haiku of shadows following me.
A tribute to my beloved Leo, a half purebred German Shepherd, one quarter husky, and one quarter wolf. He was a very understanding and compassionate dog who would put his head on my knee when I was down, and he would hold still and let me hug him and cry into his fur until my tears w...
April PAD Challenge Day 9 from Robert Brewer this is the 2nd for the two for Tuesday prompt for that day to write a hunter poem.
Yes we can see people holding so fat to certain beliefs like being impaled
And by your side I'll stay....forever and forever and forever
Sometimes in life we may want to be like someone else ... but we are unique and have our own gifts to offer ...
Grateful for all the blessings God has given me especially blessing me with my husband.
I like privacy while on shopping. Salesmen can be helpful to us at times when we actually need them to know some details abut any product! But then do you like them following you constantly while on shopping?
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 14 Doomsday Poem. About choices in one's life where are you headed?
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 27 The Trouble is (blank) where blank is filled with we need God. In this world of ours we do need Him more than ever to receive His blessings.
I always look for who is joining everyday. Here's how to find the newbies on Wikinut by Advanced Google search.
The most enjoyable part of our whole life is dreaming isn't it? Dreaming is lot of fun and how many people do take it seriously and try following their dreams for their own good..! only small number of people try to follow their dreams and struggle hard to make it a reality.
There are many factor that play a role in succeeding on the social networking sites. Nevertheless, if I had to pick one over all the other factors, I would say the key to success is “talk like yourself, not about yourself.”
This page is about planning for our life as well as following the plans to get progress
My Wikinut Inbox is always flooded with thousands of messages and I'm not able to delete them in bunches. I have a few suggestions to improve the Wikinut Inbox and I think Wikinut will certainly consider them and make changes for better management of the messages we receive from the C...
You gain nutpoints when you are more active on Wikinut. It's a measure to know how your involvement is growing in interacting with other authors apart from publishing your own pages.
The Joy of Wikinut, is logging in and never quite knowing what you will find in your Inbox...The pleasure in sharing points of view, and friendly banter is infectious, and gives Wikinut a great sense of Community spirit..All 57 pages that sat there waiting for me to open with a single...
April PAD Challenge Day 26- Follower Poem. I Want To Follow You
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