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We must hear the maxim “Where there starvation alive, strain will initiate”. However in Nation there are plenty of productions of grain and agriculture commodities which can be sufficient for our citizens for next twenty years.
The advent of synthetics has practically made natural food coloring from plants disappear in the lives of many people in the world but thanks to indigenous people for preserving their knowledge on how to prepare these colorants and initiatives for reviving interest in this commodity. ...
Hot pot is a kind of traditional Asian cuisine. It is the simplest but very awesome way to taste food. In a cold and gloomy day, hot pot seems the best food for you.
Prepare a crazy dish of stuffed camels. It is used for the purpose of humor. Do not try this at home
A functional lipid is similar to or may be a conventional fat or oil that is consumed as part of a normal diet, but is demonstrated to have physiologic benefits, i.e., beyond serving a nutritional function, it may reduce the risk of chronic disease. The functionality of the lipids in ...
Titanium Oxide is being increasingly used in food processing industry, but its safety profile is not fully proven yet. Just becuase we still do not have enough evidence to show that it may be harmful is not a reason to be complacent about it.
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