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This shows through two separate incidents at different times in history that our government is using the very people as scapegoats for their own inefficiencies.
In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. The plight of the poor is an ongoing topic in women’s issues and women’s rights. This new series is about the women of ww2 who worked in fac...
Politicians have made the food stamp program a big issue, with some attempting drastic measures...but is it the real answer?
As wealth keeps moving upward from the poor to the rich, creating inequality not seen since the Gilded Age, more and more families with children are thrown into poverty.
The harsh reality of federally allocated funds that are supposed to reach the people who need it but that money is either diverted, delayed or partly received.
A reform of the Food Stamp program is essential for the health of this nation.
As more and more people go hungry every day in America, politicians are shrinking the social safety net at precisely the time they should be expanding it.
From the Let Them Eat Cake Department: Republicans in Congress have eliminated food stamp assistance for 1.3 million people today, December 28th, so wouldn't it be great if those unfortunate people could be helped out by those lucky people on Wall Street?
The government safety nets are being overrun with people needing these services just to survive
In the United States, there are easy ways to get free food if you are broke. Here are a few of the ways.
Food Stamps are a very important means for ensuring minimum nutrition of poor households, but there are a number of restrictions placed on the way these Food Stamps can be used. The aim is to ensure the efficacy of this scheme. Whether it is the best way of administering Food Equity i...
This is my first article on this website, and it has to do with the fact that Welfare in this country is out of control. While I am not the first person to write an article on this subject I am writing this with the hope that it will spur people into action. Use your vote. Things can ...
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