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About the desolation of the world when greed by few overcomes all creating disaster just as happened on Atlantis...with a few embellishments here and there....a laugh a minute...or maybe a cry... dedicated to all the misbegotten heads and would be heads of states
Slowly walking the forest path... still couldn't see the forest
On line writers; lemmings running off the cliff or waiting for the toothfairy?
How to summarize this page...well it is about a fantasmical journey to the moon and how to find that empty place inside where you can grow fantasy and then manifest it in the old English folk song Old Uncle Tom Cobley and All says much of it and I have included that here to...
A metaphor indeed is this of how we sail on a ship through life filled with fools. Yet many of an ancient time philosophized on this and left much for us to study. Now many people disregard the past not realizing there is much wisdom to be culled. They are the ones caught up in de...
The lack of human intelligence is not so much evident in academic subjects of mathematics and science, however among Captains of intergalactic star ships its lack can arouse sarcastic humour when people’s intelligence performance is gauged by unconcern for their souls’ welfare, an...
Mankind toils and labours to find something of value in the mines of this world , but God sees the true value of man in our hearts.
What is to become of us, are we to war against ourselves for the second time in a civil war? Perhaps that is all that is left to save our country!
In life, the one that loved the most is never forgotten. When you fall in love, love him with all your heart. If your heart gets broken, move on. As time passes by, the significance of your presence and the role you played in his life will become more conspicuous by your absence.
It’s the most powerful emotion known to man, it changes our life, and without it we would not exist. Read on to find out more.
WE have been talking about Love in the previous series: Biblical Love psychology. Now we want to see how such psychology and what we have been discussing through 5 episodes can be applicable and practical in reality. Some comments in reaction to the series were quite pessimistic about...
~Remember the gallon jars of white paste in elementary school~I used to eat that for breakfast~got caught once in awhile~taking a whacking by the principal~that paddle with the holes drilled in it~was worth it~the beating at home if they told my parents wasn’t~still I was better off...
~35 years ago I stayed up all night~so I could experience dawn in the mountains~I sat on a large stone~inhaled a snoot full of mescaline~deep breath~inhaled the sky~colorado kool-aid~harley oil & gasoline~
This article contains some ideas for April Fools Day pranks for those of you that need some ideas, which are mostly harmless.
A poem I wrote when me and my best friend fell out over something stupid.
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