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After the Chinese revolutions,those in power were solely for personal gain and deprive all rights of their enemies.
The article speaks about the successful films of actor John Abraham. On his birthday his admirers expect him to act in good films.
This article is a small thought about the realization that must dawn on every human some day!
Little darling, can´t you guess what´s my real name and face? I am the wind, caressing your skin.
There are many varied explanations for what the Universe is, and for what it's all about. This article explores three of these explanations. Read each section, and see for yourself, which one you think is the most plausible, and so more likely to be the true one.
When a newly married wife gets pregnant in the family. Pregnancy brings the joy of the couple.. Pregnancy following 40(forty weeks) leads to delivery of new born baby. Utmost care are taken to maintain the health of the pregnant so that no harm is caused to the ...
Yes this force is very compelling, something that is strong in most living beings
There are many parents in this world who like their children to take up field which they like without asking their children's own interest and this is bad
The privileged status which greenback enjoys is the resultant of politico-economic standing of its country. Strength of a currency is dependent on the financial capabilities and reputation of the geographic unit it represents and not vice-versa.
Yes no matter what we are driven by that power source called the mind
Tale Number 21: This is a special tale from the heart, it is a tale about persiverence and a chance encounter between a boy and a gypsy.
This article is about the forcing activities of the parents.
I'm big on writing expressively using various aspects in nature. Here is an example of such a poem.
Life of a man can be changed by taking away his experience and imposing experience upon him.This will add another factor of corruption in his life.Philip--the main moving character of the short story finds himself in a desperate situation.
God has created man.Man is a creature who is able to understand and think .God has offered everything to man,which he desires.But the supreme power keeps man under His control by not giving him the most noteworthy thing,that is ''rest''.
Keep Moving Forward. Self Improvement yields the greatest of rewards. All else falls to the wayside, next to the value of knowing thyself. We are capable of giving only that which we possess. Creating Value opens the door to Value Reflection which opens the door to a better more.
A very powerful force, which some can use very well.
The second element is the pitch; it refers to the location of a particular sound on the musical scale. Usually, the customary pitch is in the lower half of the range of the speaker. It is important that he or she must not remain on this range all the time rather, the speaker should br...
Is it good or bad? Depends on how you look at things!
This an experimental poem with multiple rhyming words coming one over the other in the next line in every stanza. Every stanza conveys a philosophical message.
What is the powerful push that stimulates a frog or even a potato but is nonexistent in a stone?
What is an Entity? Is it something absolute in nature or relative? Read my opinion.
When the number of protons and electrons are equal, the atom is balance. Neutrons in an atom has no charge and vary in numbers.
You have seen that a magnet can move some objects toward itself. And the force of gravity pulls an object towards its center. You also seen that electricity can move some objects too. We therefore say that electricity, magnets and gravity are forces that make objects move.
Some days, it's all too easy to forget that it is ultimately you who controls your mind, your perspectives, your life.
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