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When it comes to trading there are lot of things we need to study and understand. Advertisements are seen saying start with no experience, but is it really worth doing this way ?
People who love to eat can't resist the inviting smell of a freshly-cooked pork stew (in the Philippines, it is widely known as "adobo,"). Once you've tasted it, you'll definitely come back for more. Every Philippine cook knows how to prepare it. There are regions that cook it differe...
I try to explain and analyse the Syrian situation to give a clear opinion who are not aware of the Syrian situation.
Foreign policy is a complex whole of principles, interests and objectives which a state formulates in conducting its relations with other states.
Jean Cocteau was a surrealist, friend to Salvidor Dali, painter, writer, actor, director, sculptor, and master of the avante garde. Here is short review of the original "Beauty and the Beast" from the mid-twentieth century.
Interested in foreign cinema? A good place to start is French director Jean Renoir's treatise on the tragedies of war.
Terrorism has become the major issue in the foreign relations. After the incident of 9/11 it has become the agenda of all the parleys between the nations. Terrorism has changed the direction and style of the foreign policies. It is now the first and foremost thing to consider before e...
In the summer recess between freshman and sophomore years in college, i was invited to be an instructor at a high school leadership camp hosted by a college in Michigan, I was already highly involved in most campus activities, and I jumped at the opportunity. I tell this story as of...
Foreign market is never a sweet and right for ever, countries grow and fall in quest of meeting demand and supply, hence, new market searching is inevitable. The sooner the better.
A true friendship is like four leaf clover, it’s rare and hard to find but really lucky to have one. ^_^
About human translation and how it works when needing a human translator.
I think that wikinut should have a language option, for when you're creating a topic.
During the summer season, the island of Boracay becomes a hot spot considering that a lot of influential personalities come to this place for their summer vacations. The Department of tourism of the Philippine Island continues its effort in making Boracay’s reputation as one of the ...
Part two of my journey to Japan: flight landing and wandering the airport.
The purpose of this article is to point out benefits and advantages of marrying a foreigner. Marrying a foreigner has not been the means of permanent residence anymore but is now surely fertilizing the idea of Internationalism.
Flashbacks. These so reminds me of how I am before. When it's easy, I'll do anything to turn back the hands of time and correct everything. For some reason, this becomes my outlet on love frustrations, painting and writing my dreams again.
Women always tend to get attracted to some personality traits in men. It is not only a guys looks or six-pack which matters, there is lot more why some guys have all the luck for women.
This article explores what foreign intervention there was during the Congo's Civil War.
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