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Try these tips and tricks to turn the heat up in the bedroom.
Here is your guide to some of the best sex toys out there.
~ She had smiling eyes~just enough flesh there where a man might die for a kiss to dare~hollow chin~raised throat~ah then swallow me death’s face~life a cloak~just refuse to be~
~The ripping of cloth is as sexy as a lover’s gasp~finding out, more exciting by far than the boredom and exasperation of knowing~
Have A Take.This is what I profess as foreplay start at the break of dawn
It is a nature’s wonder that only humans and song-birds can sing. Singing fills us with pleasure; so also they fill some birds with pleasure. Birds sing to attract their counterparts of other sex to fulfill the creation work of God.
Women are always saying the things they do not want or will not accept in a relationship. How often are we saying the things that we want and need in the relationships we have.
This is a description of how I give a sensual massage to someone very special. Guys and gals something like this can turn your whole night around...hope you enjoy.
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