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In war and love a soldier spends his night in deep thoughts.His heart mind and soul captured by love.
In this lifetime one must have love.A guy does not want to miss this wonderful emotion.A togetherness he wants.
These poem speaks about the people and about their behaviour sometimes unconsciously.
He will go all out for love.He just wants true love and hopes that it come his way.
A timeless piece and an attempt to make a classic prose for valentines and beyond about wedding ring tale.
Some loves come, some go, but others stay forever in our hearts. Even if life takes them far apart the love will remain, everlasting in the hearts, for that kind of love will never be forgotten.
Oh! be it his heart,his love for her is true.Anything to satisfy her.
This poem is dedicated for shares their feeling.
Love must not be ignored. It must not be hidden.To love is free and we are all born to love and be loved.
A teenage love story where a cold-hearted boy meets a heart-warming girl. Read and see that this is more than a love story.
One time the man I loved sent me a plant. A purple blue hydrangea because it is my favorite. I was not surprised that he sent me a plant, roots and dirt and stones. He believes in growth, he believes in me.
Unconditional love is what a lover wants to promise.He will give all he got in his heart.Its all about the meaning of true love.
this is a love poem where you can realize how love twist with nature. Nature is the source of love and we went back to nature when we felt to realize love the only commitment where we stand forever without any cause.
a song of love with a patriotic view where love is for thee. a patriot is for a nation. he always sings a song of joy for the people not for a specific person though she loves her. he has a commitment to his love which is to his people and his darling as well if his darling has a comm...
Nostalgia with soul, how the time become change the life as like a river with in course of time. Self realization of life near end of the river who will melt with ocean very soon. the mirror became scratchy, the river can see all through the life he past, the soul treasure of green an...
Romantic poem written for my wonderful Killik that I love dearly and want people to always know about.
in my childhood, there was a blue sky that dreamed me. I can remember when i was just teen it grew dark and i lost my blue sky. so no dream is here so no hope is here in my life now. it was as a kite floats on the sky when dream began, so i wish to reset my sky again and my blue sky w...
This poem is about being trapped, in a past moment, when I was full of happiness. I can't back go back in the past; I have to live in this current time.
Every man has potential to love.When that special girl comes along it will surely rise.
For my wonderful love that keeps me smiling all the time.
Love puts off a wonderful scent and glow that makes others envious.
When it comes to trading there are lot of things we need to study and understand. Advertisements are seen saying start with no experience, but is it really worth doing this way ?
Was written for someone I thought was special. About how nothing else matters but the love you have with someone.
This poem depicts the significance of loving forever - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Written and dedicated to someone very special in my life that I love and care for deeply.
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