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Memory is the key to remembering information needed to passing an exam, remembering a phone number, somebody’s name, remembering how to talk or even how to walk. Memory is the underlying factor behind everything we do.
This is a poem about a person with the beginning symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer's.
The story happened when we were riding on a public utility vehicle. One was also a story of a friend.
Deals with the possible effect of rumours in our lives, how it is spread, how to deal with the fallout from them, and even how to limit it's damage should such rumours start surfacing. There is also some advice for those who start these rumours, be it innocent or bit it malicious
My children never had a chance of having a normal mother.
To be active with others,regular sleep,health food,small exercises will stimulate the brain
Symptoms differ from children to adults in case of ADD/ADHD. Signs are unique for each individual. However, here are some signs, which can be pinpointed after lot of research with experience and difficulty.
Is your life disorganized and constantly late with lot of distractions and forgetfulness”? Are you overwhelmed and unable to tackle your responsibilities”? Then, here is something you must have look at in order to have balanced life.
Apart from the usual diagnosis of three stages with their characteristics, doctors diagnose depending upon the symptoms and severity of cases. He or she may use six or seven levels to comprehend the case and give treatment accordingly. It is very rare to see people who live 20 years f...
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