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There is an expression that says that you ONLY have one life to live. I disagree. You have one life to live and you live it everyday. You've got a lot to lose when you realize that. What you chose to do today can bite you in the butt tomorrow. Join me as I share my thoughts with yo...
We ought to be thankful that God Our Creator has provided for us everything that we need to let the past go and move on. Just about everybody probably has a desire to let go of past hurts but may not be willing to forgive.
It is definitely our choice. Every day we literally come to the crossroads of Blessing and Curse. The Blessing if you listen obediently and observe to do what God has to say and The Curse if you don’t pay attention to it but leave the road that He tells us to stay on.
Happiness is everywhere. We miss to find it. We do not know or we do not try to open the doors to the world of happiness. Here are five KEYS that open and lead you into your Paradise of Happiness. Try them today.
Sometimes, and with the best of intentions, I try to do what I think is right only to fall way shot of my aimed ambitions...It's not that I meant to be mean. It's just the way I am.
Freeing ourselves from unnecessary baggage is a stepping stone to a fuller life. Forgiveness is the key for moving on. It is a precious gift we can give not only to others but to ourselves.
It is definitely a process. However after a while, it becomes clear that being quick to forgive those who do us wrong, and quick to ask for forgiveness when we wrong others will help to usher us into freedom from guilt and anxiety
One time the man I loved sent me a plant. A purple blue hydrangea because it is my favorite. I was not surprised that he sent me a plant, roots and dirt and stones. He believes in growth, he believes in me.
A short poem on spoken and unspoken words of hatred. Spoken words are less harmful than those that are unspoken.
The Bible teaches that there is only one way to get to Heaven, through Jesus Christ.
I write this piece for you who know why for you cannot find a way to get past your stuff and do what is loving. Loving is the message of the Lord Jesus Christ and all those Christed ones who came before him yet you still practice againstness in the name of the Lord...oh oh oh!
The power of forgiveness and the ability we have to heal ourselves
Vengeance belongs to God. He will repay. It is not wise for us to allow our emotions to deceive us into fighting against our own best interests.
In a world in which old, cherished values are becoming extinct, there still remains a place for courteous behavior and enlightened conduct; and for proper progress in life, one needs a constant reminder on what constitutes genuine refinement. Frankly, a gentleman will eternally remain...
Readily APOLOGIZE when you know you have wronged someone ~ and quickly FORGIVE when you have been mistreated or insulted.
Explaining and sharing ideas about forgiving and forgetting. Explaining hatred and problems.
God said that we should always forgive one another. That's easier said than done. My quest to understand God, brings me to the following questions. Have you truly forgiven those who have hurt you? Are we really able to forgive one another as God does? Or is God's level of forgivene...
Somebody said: “A non-sincere forgiveness is not forgiveness at all and if we cannot forget, there is a fair chance we haven’t really forgiven”
We chose to complain and get changed when you asked me to love you, I chose to forget and leave when you make me smile ... I chose heartbreaking when you told me you love me ...
It is the alcohol you so adore Always wanting more and more It’s the love of your life It replaces your wife
This article is all about sharing the 7 top secrets to lead a happy married life.Though educated ,many people unfortunately fail in their marriage life.Come let us see how some few useful tips could help in preventing two hearts from breaking!
A poem of hope and promise. An inspirational look at loss and how to move on from tragedy.
To err is human but to forgive is divine. This article deals about a divine quality that man in endowed with, that is forgiveness.
Everyone makes mistakes and that includes you and me. Should a person suffer forever for the things one does? No for we should forgive each other as Christ Jesus has forgiven us. If someone did or said the wrong thing once, its just a mistake that they will regret, but do they have to...
What do you do when you are misunderstood, and your words are on a flipped script. People are talking about you, because they misunderstood, what you said, and now they are poisoning other people's opinion about you.
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