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Sometimes it is the unexpected that propels us. We find fortune in some of the most unusual places.
Have you wondered how are fortune cookies made? Read this article and find out how :D
What is in the fortune cookie? that is always part of the anticipation of going into a Chinese restaurant. Yet the motto is something that is personal and important to you. Think about it and this meaning will settle in.
Each month a new fortune cookie. They all hold anticipation then a personal motto. I say personal because you have to look at what it means to you.
The hope a fortune cookie brings is immense pleasure. The random sayings within seem both o personal and yet so random, lets explore for the March cookie.
When we go through list we do encounter those chance items that impact us in some small way. The concept of the fortune cookie is precisely that; when we get it we do not know what it will hold and when we open it we are left to interpret its very meaning. This is part of an inspirati...
Knowing the Chinese new year is approximately this time of year this felt like an opportunity to explore the thoughts from a fortune cookie as this day's inspirational thought of the day. The thought it said: [b]If You Have a Job Without Aggravations, You Don't Have a Job[/b].
My Nominee for the Fourth Easiest Job in the World and Suggestion for Replacing people with a Machine.
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