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Mary "Mollie" Derry told the locals their fortunes, removed hexes and curses while casting her own curses. It is believed that in Mollie's early days, the young wife and mother lived an enchanting life filled with magic that quickly made her become known as a witch to all who encounte...
The existence of guardian angels is a good question to be pondered while looking at some examples and facts. A valuable lesson may be learned here.
Leading expert tells you how you can make great money in this exciting new career
Tale Number 21: This is a special tale from the heart, it is a tale about persiverence and a chance encounter between a boy and a gypsy.
Have you seen a scary movie about someone getting possessed by a demon or demons? Most of us have. The occult is a topic of intrigue among many. If you fear supernatural encounters with demons and ghosts, this article is just for you.
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