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Just a quick three-card reading to provide a sort of "psychic weather forecast" for India as of July, 2015.
A three month reading for the terrorist organization known as Boko Haram.
A more in-depth view of the suit of Clubs for use in playing card reading.
A quick guide to the meanings of the Diamond suit in cartomancy of the English tradition.
I am now going to publish my psychic starting here on Wikinut starting from the feelings I got as a child.
Another of my experimental, multi-oracle readings. This one is for the city of Pittsburgh, PA.
A brief "horoscope" for Nigeria in the month of June.
A fun, quick system to tell fortunes that can be used by anyone with two dice and some spare time.
Tale Number 21: This is a special tale from the heart, it is a tale about persiverence and a chance encounter between a boy and a gypsy.
Have you seen a scary movie about someone getting possessed by a demon or demons? Most of us have. The occult is a topic of intrigue among many. If you fear supernatural encounters with demons and ghosts, this article is just for you.
The pure magic of a Fairground...the noise, the lights, Stall holders tempting you to win a prize...Candyfloss, and Hot dogs, the smoke and mirrors of Fairgrounds everywhere...Such vivid childhood memories are made of this....
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