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Fortune favors the bold, many say. But some would say that fortune shines equally on the bold and the timid, for it is pure chance. Well, here is where I dove-tail with both views, no matter how it is looked at, all fortune for good is a blessing, whatever form it may come in.
This is about a wealthy mechanised farmer with his four sons.
Mary "Mollie" Derry told the locals their fortunes, removed hexes and curses while casting her own curses. It is believed that in Mollie's early days, the young wife and mother lived an enchanting life filled with magic that quickly made her become known as a witch to all who encounte...
Why are people jealous of the achievement others made? When the other races do well, doesn't your race also benefit?
Belcourt Castle is not for the faint of heart as sightings are a normal occurrence when visitors take the candlelight or the more favored haunted tour through the darkest corners of the property, especially the spooky Gothic Ballroom. Known as the hot spot for apparitions, visitors lo...
This is the idea I got after having watched this film on Bill Gates and his amazing career and why he's achieved to control 95% of the world market.
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
All of us think of happiness and pursuit of happiness. It is therefore essential to understand what is happiness and how to pursue it.
Have you wondered how are fortune cookies made? Read this article and find out how :D
This page contains a poem about psychic abilities and the perils of looking into the future.
this one is for all those people out there that think the world is just a place of numbers; when in fact it is a place of people who live, love and work everyday just to get by. this one is for all those who are looking for answers.
True meaning in our lives and peace will be possible only through a just and inclusive society. The rich-poor divide should be bridged; now the chasm is getting wider even in communist and poor countries leading to stress within society.
Indians believe in horoscopes, palmists, astrogers and fortune tellers. There is several ways to know our past and future. A robot will tell the pre recorded fortune to the enthusiasts on the roads of several major cities.
Your ring finger can foretell your fortune in life. Ancient texts and modern studies confirm this. Body features decide a person’s character formation and future. Read on how your ring finger can make you rich.
This article is a continuation of "Is This Lucky For You?". It chronicles my experiences with the letter. It goes into questioning the actuality of fate, chance, and hard work.
Imagine the feeling of one winning an Olympian medal
A short poem about a very special horse and foal.
Could Nostradamus actually have made a prediction about the death of Osama Bin Laden hundreds of years before it happened?
Yes people tend to think that their position in life may shield them from that probability
"A formation of stoned giants An’ the pavement full of bodies..."
We take different paths in life, but let us choose wisely. Success through proper means will stand us in good stead, not those through riding roughshod over others. Even as we forgive the perpetrators of betrayals, we need to remember them for the right reasons.
How to earn money from home and make your own fortune.
What is called luck doesn't come to you by chance - it comes for a reason.
Crystal healing is effective and beneficial.Read on.
I didn't have much to give, but I gave all I could, not realising I would get it back -with interest.
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