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Points out the flaws in our current foster care system, mainly the issue of kids aging out of a broken system
Liza was the eldest daughter in my foster family. She was a twenty -year- old mature and confident girl who took good care of the family and younger children. Her marriage and departure has formed a vacuum in the family which is difficult to be filled.
Ten years ago I joined a foster care organization, Familiaindia, as a foster parent. As the children grew up under my care, I grew up as a foster father.
Sometimes, I look at my ten-year-old foster son Rahul's face and walk into his mind. In spite of my caring efforts I can't do away with some of his traumas and fears.
An orphaned child came into my family nine years ago. How she became my daughter and I her "Papa" is a story of affectionate relationship.
No home is complete without a pet. Many people go without knowing the unconditional love that a dog or cat has to offer because they are able to make the financial commitment required. Do not allow the lack of money keep you from experiencing the unconditional love of a dog or cat, ...
They would resist temptation to indulge self, and would show that they do not enjoy the frivolous pleasure of the world more than the privilege of meeting with Christ in the social meeting.
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