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Martine Jadotte, founder, President and CEO has dreamed of creating better lives for children who are not as fortunate to a family or access to life’s most basic necessities since her childhood.
Our perceived differences hold sway to prevent us from standing by the vast majority across all borders irrespective of their beliefs. Our leaders have to rise above frivolous and selfish political bias, hidden agendas, to address problems threatening to get out of hand.
Nothing is more important to, you, the HUman race, at this point in your events than to “understand” your history upon this once new earth, for in doing so “you will succeed” with the help of others to set yourselves free. How is this? Because the bondage the Hellions have ove...
On 7 May 2014(1), Linda Rottenberg gave a talk at Stanford University. The Harvard University and Yale Law School graduate turned CEO(2) was there “on the eve of the launch of her new book (…) called 'Crazy is a compliment' ”(3). The piece has been available since October 2014....
Most women have a foundation in their make up bag, but is it the right shade for their skin tone? Here are some tips on how to choose the right colour for you.
Team development should be based on the purpose, vision and values. This is not to say that the quality can be conservative or control.
Why you should care about travel website Caroline's Rainbow Foundation.
two makeup mistakes will destroy and kill your makeup and turns you to an ugly.
This is good makeup blush and anti aging foundation, read more so you know to buy it or not.
Managers cannot plan, organize, direct and control without communication.
Are you afraid that you need to get your foundation repaired, because you have noticed cracks in your concrete foundation?
Children do not come with an Owner's Manual. However, there are some basic principles that if employed, will help in raising more secure and confident children. This article explores two basic principles which provide the foundation for the others.
We learn the basics of proper behavior from young but the world around us races ahead by not heeding them. We have to be patient, calm and keep our cool. Eventually, we will be rewarded in more enduring ways than by those that prove transient.
Moreover, agriculture is a soil- based industry, and therefore, timely efforts need to be made for restoring soil- quality.
A house is more then a building siting on a piece of land; it soaks up and records the energy of all the living connected to it. The ancients lived with an understanding that all elements were full of life and each individual atom is a small part of the master craftsman or creator, an...
When we take others for granted, become insensitive to their beliefs, culture and feelings we repeat past mistakes. We never learn the lessons as we expect different results while repeating the wrong actions. Time to turn a new leaf. Technology is no substitute for empathy and underst...
Feng Shui is an art of arranging the articles in the interior and exterior of an edifice. Apart from necessities, it advises on several art forms which are suitable remedial measures. Common ones being wind chimes, water fountains, dragons, laughing buddhas, crystals, bamboos, bagua m...
We all grew up hearing versions of what the adults in our lives regarded as “wisdom” that was their responsibility to pass down to us. From my own childhood, these are among the ones best remembered.
Oily skin sometimes become a big problem in our life. It is really annoying to go outside with sticky-glowing face. Here are some makeup tips for oily skin. Just 4 things to unlock your fresh-natural look!
Have you ever heard the phrase, What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger? Read about an example from pop culture, and find out how traumatic events can mature and grow us far more than a life without painful happenings.
Too Faced is a fun cosmetic company with fabulous products. Available on line or in stores, this is my review of one of their foundations, the Amazing Face Skin-Balancing Flexible Coverage Foundation Powder.
Some makeup tips for men to help enhance your appearance and give you the look you want.
To trust someone means that you put a lot of faith in them...and by giving that faith, you hope that they will never let you down. Some do, a sad fact of Life, Friends or Lovers...but if you build on solid ground, and your love and respect is strong...You have laid the best foundation...
Maybe God is waiting for you to get the victory over an area in your life, that you have struggled with for years, today is your day for the victory. Before you can step out into greater dimension of ministry, there may be some loose ends which need to be tied up.
Remembrance of my childhood keep flashing before my eyes…
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