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Place value, especially of decimals, can be complicated and difficult to explain. Hopefully a walk with me on my journey teaching the concept to my son will help you explain it to your children or help you understand it better yourself. I am home-schooling my fifth grader for the fir...
Tips to help you make it through algebra and solve word problems.
Math is simply logic and reasoning. Math is present in every day life and is being used even when people don't realize they are using mathematical reasoning. From balancing a checkbook, baking a cake or trying to choose which credit card offers the best deal, the logic of math is bein...
This article explains what integers are. The commutative, associative, and distributive properties of integers are explained. It includes the difference between fractions and integers.
This article explains how to add (or take) 2 fractions together. Examples are drawn from real life situations.
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