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Adolf Hitler may well be the most reviled man in history, but he gave us one gem for which we should all be grateful.
The Internet has enriched all our lives immeasurably, but make sure someone doesn’t enrich his at your expense.
The sad but true tale of what has happened to Bernie Sanders and our whole Democratic process.
Tips on how to shop safely on the internet by avoiding scams and online frauds.
Highlighting the dishonesty, bullying and fraud within a public sector department. A social housing association employee who manipulated her role within this public sector department to defraud tenants.. and how her so called 'superiors' flushed the issue away through their alleged co...
What you may not know about child tax fraud can be costly in penalties , even jail time. Tax fraud has been going on for years and is a rising crime.
The US government is involved in a large scale scheme to defraud our seniors and those on disability who are using a direct deposit debit card issued through Social Security.
Review of blogjob, how the blogjob account of a whistleblower was deleted for exposing a cheating fraud, sex scam
Bank fixed deposits, NSC, KVP are not safe investments in India as corrupt dishonest intelligence agency officials will steal the documents after making fake black money allegations, to force their victim to agree to identity theft
Waldorf the handyman is having a conversation with Father. A rather serious conversation. He's quite desperate. Apparently, both of his bank accounts at two banks have been emptied on the same day.
Yesterday I finally wondered how long Paypal needs to resolve the case of the money stolen out of my account, so I rang them up. They say it might take up to ten days.
I go online early one morning, mostly out of habit. It's a habit to sometimes just go online without much reason, other than to check out my email and a few other things, like my bank account etc. Speaking of bank account, I'm not too happy with my finances lately because there's not ...
Few days later, Marzeus gets an email from a Dakira Weban at ABSA bank. Their attitude is enough to make one hurl with having your faith shocked in mankind's banks.
Marzeus is angry. He really feels that he shouldn't have to go to all of this trouble because of a fault that ABSA Bank made, yet if he's to see his money again, he'll just have to. It would appear an employee at ABSA stole his money and now everybody keeps covering for each other an...
One day Marzeus had a horrible experience: Through his internet banking service, he noticed that from one of his accounts, one thousand six hundred rands have been deducted a month ago with no other description as "Interest Debit". Why on earth would the bank have put such a transacti...
Till R&AW, CBI, NTRO continue to consider lazy greedy cheaters, liars and sluts offering sex bribes to be role models for India , there will many other sheena bora murder cases and similar frauds which will remain undetected for long.
Honest indians cheated of their hard earned money repeatedly online due to corrupt officials, lack of transparency and other factors beyond their control
Do you have the Imposter Syndrome? Anyway, read this piece and help me out.
One of Vietnam's richest business tycoons has been arrested on suspicion of lending fraud, authorities say.
What do you think if you know that one of our friends herein has been be a victim of credit card fraud? Definitely, we are response it mediocre. And also that what if a victim is a huge General? Wowh!! Surely we think somewhat surprised to hear that.
After a month of publishing medical articles, I guess it is time to pause and write something different right? I have been reading lots of poetry for the past few days now and I decided to touch that angle of writing. Some of my wikinut friends, after reading this would exclaim "FINAL...
Get-rich-quick schemes have been exposed time and again but some people still fall for them. Be on the lookout for scammers' schemes by checking your greed meter and knowing about the tell-tale signs of fraud in investment dealings.
You could have a scammy email from hackers who try to hack payza so beware and don't click on those links or put in your personal info. I was so angry to have it in my email, they threaten me even to close all of my money down. You must read this.
How to avoid being ripped off online. Don't be come a victim of internet scams. Learn how to take precautions against fraud.
I was almost duped by a fraudster today. Fortunately I was cautious enough to call and check it out before I decided to bite.
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