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These five short stanzas attempt like haiku's to convey one author's thoughts.
Some selected poems from early years that speaks volumes in few lines and the compelling jpy of writing such form of literature by the author with bonus slideshow of original personal artworks that served as inspiration over the years.
Love yourself. Cherish yourself. Sometimes you are all you have.
What happens when the only person you trust betrays you?
Little darling, can´t you guess what´s my real name and face? I am the wind, caressing your skin.
Young soul, don´t be afraid of enjoying this little gift
There´s someone silently watching you, and it knows all of your secrets...
Don´t be afraid of anything, darling. A warm kind of feeling is protecting you from any harm.
A treasurable gem of thoughts from the archive of the author with some sublimal message of personal experience.
A tall tale legend of a house fly reflected in modern poetry from three contributing authors ergo Wiki.
The concluding tall tale legend of a house fly reflected in modern poetry from three contributing authors ergo Wiki.
Tomorrow’s dreams, Shining bright in our minds, Like a million twinkling stars, Hanging in the midnight skies.
Here are two short poems from different points in my life. The first one, "Love," a loosely constructed sonnet, comes from the mid 1990s. The second one, ""If I am gone..." is a free verse from 2010. Both are simple yet self explanatory.
The greatest part of summer may not be its days, but its nights. A summertime poem.
A tragic tale of a broken vase and a broken beauty...
Like others, the Philippine Culture is rich. Among urban legends, the story about aswang, wakwak or witch stands tall. Inspired by a fellow writer after reading her poem about a vampire, the author tries to capture the idea about aswang to contribute his share for the enlightenment ...
A prosetry ode to those tween twits who keep the marketing departments employed. Used to be, you 'd seen the only parts of a movie worth paying for when you'd watched the 2 or 3 minute trailer, but now, it takes only 6 seconds; unless, of course, you want to see the 2 or 3 minute tra...
Reality has a way of seeping in on nightly dreams, some believing they foreshadow the future. Upon waking this morning, the story’s fatalistic residual remained demanding.
We often hear “there’s so much to live for.” Sadly, few consider the “so much” principal they live for.
Around the globe, Nature’s symphony needs not speakers to be heard.
An island as we know it is a piece of land with mountains, hills, trees, plants and vegetation surrounded by water. In this article, we'll be dealing with a unique and different island. Let's see what it is.
An Iambic decapentasyllabic, allegorical and humorous poem
I don't know why you need a page summary... They want me to type 50 characters or something so blah blah blah hopefully this will take up space. It's just a poem about stuff. Blah blah blah hopefully this is 50 characters.
I took a moment to reflect upon the events of my life at the time and how they made me feel.
Here are two brief free-verse poems that comment on things
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