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A comparison of scripture with the tenets of Calvinism, along with related discussions.
There is a lot said of free will. Free will allows us our sense of freedom. Is this freedom a real one though? Do we really have any free will at all? I attempt to answer these difficult questions and more in this short article on free will and freedom. "Real freedom is having noth...
Numerology is said to be a science of your inner numbers. Is it just a pseudo-science, or not though? The author of this book has been practising numerology for over forty years, and he believes in the truth that it reveals through an in-depth study of its methods. Truth is always t...
We live our own lives by making choices within our life. This might seem pretty obvious to you, but is it really our choices that shape us, or is something else already choosing us, of which, all that we have the choice of, is to either reject or accept the direction that life, or l...
Here we discuss Free Will before moving on to Noah's getting drunk on the wine from his vineyard and cursing the descendents of his youngest son Ham because he had seen his father still under the influence of the wine and lying naked on the ground in his tent. Later we look at the sto...
Freedom is an interesting concept. When we think that we haven't got it, we haven't. When we think that we have got it, we haven't then got it either. Thoughts always constrain freedom. Real spiritual freedom only ever exists within our hearts. Only love is free enough to live there...
The statements in this post may not be agreed with. In fact, they may irritate some because so often we are taught just the opposite, either religiously or politically. I think both parties are wrong to some extent and will state why.
Another of my meandering pieces...yes but always with a tale to tell... i have the ability to move rapidly between universes of mind and enjoy...if you will...ha!
Imagine a spirit world existing in Small-town, America where you are immediately uplifted the moment you cross the town line. The quaint serenity of the community that embraces the power of free will and openly communicating with the dead is embellished with an atmosphere filled with ...
Is Fate another word for coincidence? Whether we realize it or not, Fate plays a part in all our lives, but not of all us will understand our destiny.
Destiny works in mysterious ways, pushing and pulling us in all sorts of random directions. Wait.. random?
I have always said each of us must follow our own path and the choices we make will lead us to where we want to go or no. I choose and walk the path of Light and Loving but I do know that I have too keep choosing every second...and so it is..
Another fascinating study on the all important topic of: Free Will! And does it even exist upon this world, Angorius, and other planets as well? Or not?!– Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Relieving your perception from restricting elements.....Part II of Purifying Perception focuses on the limitations of judgment.
Free will. Many have joked about it not being really free at all. Some will tell us that we have no other choice but to be free, still others that free will is merely our intuition, or our thinking ability to be able to think for ourselves. What is free will? Read on, and be free.
Free will is a subject often discussed, and little understood. Only the obedient are free. We must serve God with a free heart from love. When we do this, only then can we free our minds from its fears.
This is an article about life. As we watch our "hour glass" filling up, we find ourselves troubled, sometimes plagued, with many questions. Internal questions. More often than not, they remain unanswered questions. Come with me and let us explore together our world from within and ...
The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Some thoughts on the nature of free will and our experience of it, as well as personal experiences with meditation and mild bipolar disorder.
This article is an attempt to clear up misperceptions that many Calvinists have regarding the Arminian interpretation of the doctrine of Grace.
This article presents the dilemma between the sovereignty of God and the free will of man. Is the freedom to choose a gift God grants to man? Has God limited his sovereignty so free will can be experienced by men?
A moment in history where I asked "Where was God?"
Perhaps for you your life here and now is the only one you can experience so you take and do everything no matter what. That is your choice. But one day you will know that there is more and that is what I write about....namaste
Atheists are alive and well and living on planet earth, but face a predicament.
“With you, I am the wolf and the sheep- With you I am a lion and it’s ness.. Feral lives inside me formed of Cats and rats, wild and untamed Predator and prey.” She shimmers and the colors swirl about her..
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