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Bernard Shaw set human minds on fire everywhere. We would be thrilled to even think about the judges, parliament members, writers, academicians and newspaper editors in England, India, America, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, China and Russia who very much wished for ...
A must read for all who love mankind and human speech. An apt admonishment from a long-gone American writer whose great eloquence and excellent arguments in favour of the liberty of speech is once more brought to public attention. His bold opinions are dire predictions which help envi...
Don't you wish you could stop the world to get off for a breather? What is going on with the human race? Have they no pride? No heart? No Love? Don't be like that. Go grab yourself a cup of coffee ... let's put the world on hold for a moment, and enjoy the coffee ... here's my morni...
The value of a comment can not be understated, yet what do you do about dissenting opinions expressed in the form of a comment against your article? Truth is dissent cannot be stopped, nor should it because in dissent we do find the roots of new ideas and it is these that have the cap...
It seems to me that the country I grew up in has become lost as our freedoms are slowly being taken away while everyone is so busy with their I-Phones that they cannot see what is happening to them.
The rapid decline of freedom in Stephen Harper's Canada
Opinion piece on the need for social freedom in India
Freedom is not only a word that everyone can say in easy talking... Freedom is not about Diamond cut Diamond... Freedom is about everyone need with different tastes... Freedom and Freedom should does not mean racing against the law... So, In this my article I trying to share a poem b...
In a world turned upside down are we brave enough to speak out, while being loving enough to listen? Can we not all be Americans without the hyphens that divide us? Must we hate each other?
In political philosophy, the thought of freedom often comes up. The majority of people say that they support most types of freedom. The word freedom, naturally has little meaning if we do not have a common definition.
Let Children be themselves, guide them what is right and wrong, but let them choose.
What type of person do you choose to be? My long life's experiences have shaped how I view the world, and in light of recent events surrounding George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, I have an opinion . . .
To err is human Yety we all feel we are infallible at our varying levels
A spouse’s desire..This is just a feeling I experience when talking with younger women married to olderish men
The only right that ought never to be taken away from any one born is... FREEDOM
The Staue of Liberty not only just a monument.... it's a symbol of human relations...
This article was written by an American citizen who remembers when times and events were more in line with what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafter the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
What makes dreams come true in the country of the USA?..... Read this poem and find out.
We all all equal We inherit the earth as a gift of divine yet some are like heaves own masters others like the scum of the Earth Why?
It was 236 years ago today, July 4th, 1776 that our Declaration of Independence was adopted and we were given our independence from Great Britain. We actually won our independence the year before on July 4th, 1775. We were freed of King George and his monarchic rule, but were we truly...
Who said being mad is a negative thing? Who made all these standardisations? Why do we need to follow these unspoken norms?
I thought I can stay in your heart, honestly. Can I seek a place in your kind heart?
Taboo contents are hot subjects that can attract people to read and invite search engine crawlers and spiders to hang on. But some people considered them not healthy subjects or topics to discuss. Should you still insist to write them?
My heart pains when i see people struggling for food hunger forcing them to do what they should not do ! crime!
On whether legality of abortion has ramifications beyond the personal.
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