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It seems to me that the country I grew up in has become lost as our freedoms are slowly being taken away while everyone is so busy with their I-Phones that they cannot see what is happening to them.
The rapid decline of freedom in Stephen Harper's Canada
Freedom is not only a word that everyone can say in easy talking... Freedom is not about Diamond cut Diamond... Freedom is about everyone need with different tastes... Freedom and Freedom should does not mean racing against the law... So, In this my article I trying to share a poem b...
It seems now that even a crisis that comes about gets reported differently in the news. We do not join together as a nation anymore. The question of which news do you watch or believe needs to be answered with American unity.
In political philosophy, the thought of freedom often comes up. The majority of people say that they support most types of freedom. The word freedom, naturally has little meaning if we do not have a common definition.
To err is human Yety we all feel we are infallible at our varying levels
On the eve of perhaps another national shootout in the Middle East, this author releases another poem originally penned a decade ago during the great national debate over whether or not to invade Iraq over phantom WMD's.
The recent Bangladesh government's attitude to control and subdue any opponent's activities by force is a bad gesture towards the smooth path of tolerance and respectful journey of democracy.
The only right that ought never to be taken away from any one born is... FREEDOM
What makes dreams come true in the country of the USA?..... Read this poem and find out.
It was 236 years ago today, July 4th, 1776 that our Declaration of Independence was adopted and we were given our independence from Great Britain. We actually won our independence the year before on July 4th, 1775. We were freed of King George and his monarchic rule, but were we truly...
Taboo contents are hot subjects that can attract people to read and invite search engine crawlers and spiders to hang on. But some people considered them not healthy subjects or topics to discuss. Should you still insist to write them?
My heart pains when i see people struggling for food hunger forcing them to do what they should not do ! crime!
This is my own opinion of the function of the website wikileaks which recently hit the headlines of the world media. Read on..
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