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The rapid decline of freedom in Stephen Harper's Canada
Patriotism is a feeling that should be present in every native of every country but talking about India, Patriotism lacks vastly here and should not be so.But what are the reasons that led to such circumstances in our country.
In political philosophy, the thought of freedom often comes up. The majority of people say that they support most types of freedom. The word freedom, naturally has little meaning if we do not have a common definition.
This article is about the Father of Freedom for Africa, a time when freedom wasn't free. Speaking out for his people, Mandela was thrown into prison and served 27 years of hard labor. He died of a respiratory weakness caused by tuberculosis while serving in prison.
The only right that ought never to be taken away from any one born is... FREEDOM
India is a fast developing country. It is the second largest populated country in the world. India got her political freedom from the British in 1947. Even after 65 years of democratic rule, India is unable to achieve real freedom. There is a great movement going on in the country ag...
We all all equal We inherit the earth as a gift of divine yet some are like heaves own masters others like the scum of the Earth Why?
Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation (India) said some great things, that even today are etched in people's minds and hearts. Though most of things are practiced till date, there are somethings that he has said, which doesn't fit in, in 21st Century. A satire is what this write is.
My heart pains when i see people struggling for food hunger forcing them to do what they should not do ! crime!
He gave a new dimension to Tamil literature. His poems inspired young and old pulling them into the freedom struggle of Indian liberation. He hailed and sang about Independence, long back its reality. December 11th is the birth anniversary of Bharathi.
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