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A brief guide on how to struggle obstacles on the way of getting decent freelance writing job.
We propose jobs for freelance editors with good english skills
Self discovery through freelance wring. Learning what it really takes to be a freelance writing. It is for the money or it is for your own self expression.
Triond is a pay for content site, where you get supposedly make money for your content on a revenue-sharing model
Its funny, but so many writing communities have gone out of business. What does this do for writers? We're stuck with writing for pennies
"Marzeus, you come as if you've been sent!", Mother calls me as I enter the West Wing. Mother and Auntie René are busy fiddling around at Mother's computer.
I have been seeing many articles on the above subject. I thought it would be in the fitness of things if I also give my two cents worth about the various sites that pay money.
A milestone date has has been one year since I joined Wikinut.
Even if you are to write, a one liner ensure that it lеаvеѕ the bооkwоrm with an іmрасt.Studуіng nоvеlѕ раrtісulаrlу сlаѕѕісѕ give уоu insight on how to be more expressive when you have to write on the сrіѕіѕ of lіvеѕ, how to imbibe роѕіtіv...
Writers write for different reasons, but are the things we write about reflective of who we are?
Life does not always turn out the way you would want it to.
Content sites are a great place to write and act as a portfolio for further work. Bidding sites and established websites hire writers ona project basis and can help writers diversify their earnings.
This is step one in a series of how to return to freelance writing after a break. Returning to writing web content online takes some diligence and organization, especially if you haven't been writing for awhile.
This is an old article, from several years ago and I will update it as well as I can. I will try to chronicle my writing history in this article going back to probably 2007. I hope I am a little wiser today,
It can be difficult to get past a plateau as a freelance writer because the business depends on your time and your skills. Since these things are not infinite it may appear to put a natural cap on the growth of even the most successful freelancer. However, there are several ways to ex...
Even if you write for a living, the prospect of filling a page or two with words can sometimes feel overwhelming. Seasoned writers experience bouts of writer’s block in the same way that newer freelance writers suffer through the agony of getting ideas to flow. When one of these att...
Some freelancers shun the idea of writing many articles from one idea, but this makes sense. Firstly, internet readers have short attention spans and secondly, writers earn more money the more articles they produce whether they get an upfront payment per article or they are paid via p...
It might seem strange to consider writing about something you know absolutely nothing about, but freelance writers are often called upon to do just that. It is impossible to have a good grasp on every topic and unless you specialize in one subject area you can be asked to write about ...
Social networking has exploded onto the scene. There are various micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and they have together created a fresh outlook on networking. By expanding the reach of the average user, they have also supersized the traditional ai...
If you are interested in becoming a web writer, you are definitely not alone. Many people are searching for ways of supplementing their full time income with online writing, while others are serious about taking the plunge and exploring the world of freelancing as a great full-time op...
This is an article that is meant to help those who are beginning their career as a freelance writer.
Freelance writing tips. Get your feet wet, find a purpose, and find your niche. These three together will help you focus.
As you know, I am working as a freelance content writer. Life is going through a new phase of learning. From my own experiences and available content about Freelancer content writers in several website, I got these three simple rules for you.
Focus and motivation are important aspects needed to be a successful freelance writer. Set up a schedule, prioritize and have a working mindframe.
What skills are needed to begin a career as a freelance writer? This article will discuss what basic skills are needed to start a freelance writing career.
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