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From 1 December to 5 December 2014, French employers staged the “week of Employers' Mobilisation for Growth and Jobs”.(1) This action highlighted how inefficiently French entrepreneurs' interests are promoted in the public sphere. This is particularly striking in an European Union...
The lack of organisation on the part of the French taxi drivers these past months has blunted the effect of their tenacity. They are slowly loosing the support of the State while being at odds with the trap UberPop.
The French banks are completely uninterested in sustaining entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs of France have well understood that.
Started in New-York city, the 'Humans of' movement has spread beyond the US' borders. It now takes over 5 French cities, which offer a new approach to the movement.
French gunman set to attack again this Friday, after recently attacking a Jewish school!
As part of the culminating activities, under the SPFL, the representative was one of the contestant-participants in NSPC with regard to the showcase of talents in the use of a 2nd foreign language like French.
Dominique Strauss-Khan had a very powerful position on the world financial stage, as the director of the International Monatary Fund. He was set to stand against Sarkosy in the coming French general elections with a good chance of winning. That was before A recent sex scandal has ca...
A lock of Napoleon's hair, cut after he died, has sold for $13,000 at an auction held in New Zealand.
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