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Dreams can be very mysterious especially when they don't seem to make any sense.
Theories of personality have been extensively studied in psychology. This series will deal with some of the most known theories.
Theories of personality have been extensively studied in psychology. This series will deal with some of the most known theories.
People who think they are so bright often prove rather dim.
OCD is a disease that is understood only during the last 100 years after Freud. It is a disease that can affect children and adults.
Single and divorced women are more to seduction by a man. Its a a trait of the male that cannot be controlled
If you are offended by any form of swearing, even in the artistic context, then go no further. I cannot be held responsible for you being shocked! This post is of a short poem written in relation to the use of a specific, and very anatomical, swear word.
‘What will be the weapons in the third world war?’ Somebody asked Einstein. He replied, ‘I don’t know; but, for the fourth world war it would be bows and arrows!’ The genius was certain that all modern civilization would perish in the third! Are we really sane?
A nightmare is an awful and horrible experience. Modern science is trying to find ways and means to mitigate nightmares and make tailor made dreams a reality.
This is your chance your chance to take an inkblot test, come on you know you've always wanted to..
Acharya Rajneesh was a great man who moved with the times. His interpretation of guilt in the human mind is much appreciated now.
Drugs can grab hold of anyone. Just ask Pope Leo XIII 9 (if he were alive).
In varying degrees, the other person or persons in us would also like to be active like the real self. There are Freudian elements like the id attempting to think and act instinctively and the superego clamping the attempts with conventions. More than this, this poem tries to show the...
People have always been fascinated with dreams. Freud was interested in developing a scientific theory of dream interpretation. While Freud's theory never gained universal acceptance, it did help to point out how psychological and physiological factors play a role in dreams. One of th...
Freud's museum in London celebrated its 25th birthday
The implied sensual stirrings of the deep, foreboding unconscious' sublime artistic sexuality reside deep under obvious deceptively stilled waters; apt to erupt at any moment.
~ the soul is left to wander ~ dazed & confus’d searching ~ Jim Morrison ~ there is an ethical aristocracy just as there is a spiritual one ~ Nietzsche ~ children as our conscience ~ spirit guide intentional ~ WW
Yiddish is a Germanic language with about three million speakers worldwide, primarily Ashkenazic Jews (the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe and their descendants), in the US, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.
You haven't been able to recognize the vibrantly pulsating musical artistic face you've always hidden because it was easier to assign those elements of bold, artistic, funny, and daring sexual assertive displays in yourself to others.
Ideal Ego concept (Character Concept) on psychoanalysis science.
The Ego Ideal in personality concept by psychoanalysis science.
The concept of unconscious field in psychoanalysis science.
"Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind." Unfortunately, we tend to shy away from the word sexuality as if it is some 'bad' or 'forbidden' term to use, much less express. Yet, we are natural born creators filled to capacity with overflowing sacred sensual ...
Everything happens for a divine reason. We are all engaged in various activities which generate an investigative approach to our lives. When we are fully involved in the day-to-day situations, 'showing up for the script', we are able to entertain connecting ideas, circumstances and sc...
Life is filled with enough vexation to last without our having to add to it with unnecessary worrying,frettting, imagining, and stressing while creating all sorts of unnecessary havoc. Every day is a brand new opportunity to meet unexpressed potentioal in a myriad of people, forms and...
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