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Friday the 13th is one of the most celebrated superstition in western culture as well as different countries around the globe. It has led to many beliefs which most people carry with fear during this day.
While in some countries, a black cat will mean bad luck in others it's meant the opposite
Loving kindness work best with animals. But for the humans, most of the times, it is not effective. Please do your own research.
Well here we are once again it is Friday, What are your plans,
The poem highlights on the sins of this world which is being forgiven by God on the Good Friday - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
It's Friday night and my brother can't wait to meet his beautiful date.
The best laid plans of mice and men, as they say.... Wise advice about taking time out, and stopping to smell the Roses when you get the chance....before it passes you by...A Poetic grumble about missed opportunities...
Countdown had been on the airwaves for a long time, now Keith Olbermann's voice is silenced for a while, at least on MSNBC.
Looking at a fire tree outside my window on a rainy friday the 13th.
An example for writing invitation letters. Keep in mind to use formal language and don't forget to be creative :)
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