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Jenny feels that taking a holiday might help her to forget her break up with Tim. Her friend Sarah is looking for a holiday romance, but Jenny is definitely not. Read on to find out what happens next.
Leo was my faithful dog, my best friend for almost twelve years. This is dedicated to his memory
If you have fallen and feel like giving up because you've fallen too often? Please join me! You're not alone. You'll never be alone.
Frightening to children with whatever it is, it's the biggest mistake an adult can do. Some childhood traumas may be overcome with time, but others may last for life.
May he fly around in the heavens forever, my feathered friend, symbol of peace.
Here I include some saving tips for the Christmas ahead that will help to get a present for everyone in the family without spending a fortune.
The Courted One Timer How do you write the Courted One Timer, without making look like a poor, defenseless, child with no help? Or an sensitive fem.
a cute little poem about my best friend Leslie and me from school
If I call you my friend, you can consider yourself lucky.
I don´t need to use any complicated words to show the world the true color of my feelings.
Believe it or not, my dear, I do understand how does it feels to be so lonely.
Have you ever had an old friend request from you that you let them move into your pet's accommodations? So have I. Apparently. Somewhat.
Just because somebody is a decomposed, rotted away buried corpse, doesn't mean they shouldn't come visit you and say hi from time to time, just to catch up. It would be rude not to.
Writing is a wonderful outlet for stress, joy and so much more. When you have a decision to make, simply writing your heart on paper can assist you in making the best decision possible. Writing is like therapy!
A look at some of the amazing ways that trained dogs help people every day.
Friends are the real charm of our lives. So it is very important to choose the right person as a friend in our lives.
The first day of the bloc watch brought no new clues to the burglaries and there's still no sign of the neighborhood raccoon. Dad informed Molly that there had been another break in and he was not happy about it. Milly was going to spend another night watching the neighborhood.
I can't believe college is over, i cant forget all those beautiful memories with my friends. I want to share about a place where i went with my friends for the first time and enjoyed a lot.
This is about a wealthy mechanised farmer with his four sons.
I first heard my song sang by the "King" of Pop music from his concert in Hawaii. It gave me such a thrill when I needed to be uplifted the most. Even though the words were changed I still recognized it and knew that someday it would become famous. This is a dedication to my dear frie...
Rooted in unity,although mistreated, we are not defeated.
A poem of someone demonstrating humanity and helping another person see there are good people.
This meal was a way to gather to watch a film at home and a lot healthier than the commercialized ones.
Max is on his way to the library with his friend Joe. He wants to find an old map of the country roads. He thinks a map might help him get to the old homestead. The temperatures are still brutally cold and will make travel difficult.
Max received an envelope the night before. It is early morning before Max reads the note and learns the personal message that is meant for his eyes only. As he holds the note in his hand he realizes that it is written on the finest stationery. This type of stationery would only be in...
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