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People will come and go, some are only in our lives for a little while. It is normal to argue, and sometimes we forget ourselves hurting those we love. It is important to admit when we are wrong, and make every effort to treat our friends the way we want them to treat us.
There are those that will claim to be your friend, swearing undying loyalty but always vanish when things are not convenient for them. Then there are those that will drain you emotionally, physically and financially while claiming they are helping you. In their mind they believe the l...
We all are human being. We came to this world alone and will also leave it alone. Between this time, we use to pass our happy and unhappy both life in society as we are social being. In society with family, we use to have some true friends always with us in the journey of our life. Th...
True friendship This is for those who value being friendly courteous and kind Not FAKES you all now know WHO!!
This is about a person who met some years ago while on tour ( I was a part of an performing arts ministry) and she is the mother to one of my friends but quickly became everyone’s mother we had a bond that grow strong with time she is truly and amazing person.
True friends are inseparable part of our life.Many a times they become the cause or reason of our living.We live for them and are ready to die for them.
Trying to find out more how writers feel writing on Wikinut. The community is great. but are the earning good enough to convince other writers to become a part of this community as well?
I know that you have plenty of wonderful friends that you are able to hang out with and can physically be right there for you… but I always just hope that I can be of some small significance to you, as you are greatly to me! I always try with all I have to be a good friend…
This a poem about an old friend of mine, a very dear lady who taught me so much about life in the old ways.
this is a poem I wrote for a friend she is real close to me and I want to keep our friendship strong
A stranger stabs you in the front; A friends stabs you in the back; A boys friend stabs you in the heart but Best friends only poke each other with straws.
As we all get older our long ago friends get fewer and fewer until they're all gone. Many think the older generation are nostalgic and live in the past. I think that these people live in the past as they feel they have no value in today's society. Spending time alone for days with nob...
Each and every month before he passed we visited Old Bill down the lane, an old time hard-rock miner who had a way of telling stories that always made me laugh.
Friends will come and go. But only true and real friends will remain forever
All friends depart.We are now at that threshold of time when each day we hear so nd so passed away We will follow soon ...
The thing is as a human being we all need friends and this is about friends, the bad and the bad ones.
When young children are hurt, they cry. They ask for help. And hopefully someone is close by to help them. As we age, sometimes we forget that help can only come if we ask for it. Other times people can't guess something is wrong with us because they are inundated with the petty drama...
Friends come and go..We all want to be friendly Some unknown fish spoil the dish Never mind it I don't all by now Know...
We all dream of a better life and a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones. Sometime it works out just fine and we live the life we dream of. Sometimes the opposite is just the case. But everything starts with a dream that we share or don't share.
friends -ala -lovers...A great poet dug into the veins of Wikis and my wall to find this poetry composed years ago in keeping with modern trends and times A case of actual visuals no imagination this time
Your Creator desires to assist you in getting to the next level. However ~ there is a role you must play in cooperating with His plan and purpose for your life. This cooperation includes always being thankful.
Gratitude Friend..A very humble thanks to a great ------all star poet of Wiki ---- who thinks so high of me as a poet ...
This is about real and true friends. Finding friends in school.
This is about true friends, on how to find and how to have true and real friends.
A poem about two female cousins and how close their relationship is. It's a story of masking memories that last a lifetime.
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