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True friendship This is for those who value being friendly courteous and kind Not FAKES you all now know WHO!!
I'm afraid to look at that photo album to see your smiling face looking back at me.. I don't want to lose the happiness that is already slowly fading away. The times you and I spent together all seem so far away and yet it only seems like yesterday that we were laughing together.
A short story I wrote. The sentences in this story are alphabetically ordered, meaning that each sentence starts with the next letter in the alphabet. Kinda crazy, I know, but the idea was to write a story that reads so fluently that people who read it don't notice the alphabetical t...
A friend who always there and never leaves you no matter what in good times or bad times A true friends are the ones who have nice things to say about you behind your back.
This poem is about extending hands of friendship, love and harmony , bringing peace to our beautiful world
Lydia and her friend seem to keep you wondering how far will they go. Is there relationship a scandal? Or are they just young, rich and unstoppable. Does Margaret get her way? What will Lydia do next?
Friend your article Nice grammar if no poetry prose only thanks to my friend Maestroli
This is about true friends, on how to find and how to have true and real friends.
My laptop is my bestfriend. I am using my laptop to connect with my friends online. I can talk to them in Facebook, in Skype, and in Yahoomessenger. I also can write articles and prove to the world, that I am a writer and it gives me happiness and satisfaction.
Friends with benefits has many terms,but yet the same meaning and outcome with many consequences.
There are a lot of lonely single women out there. Men know that, and we will look for lonely, vulnerable women to game on. We will use your desire for a relationship, your single status and even your loneliness against you if you don't watch out.
Is their really a key to a good love in life?. Do you know what it is?.
At all times, a true friend can be your best bud! Your counselor. Money lender. Chef. Technician. Name it! And you surely are the most blessed person in the world..
This page is about negative persons, we must avoid their friendship
This page is about the persons who are very selfish about them
If we were meant to be alone, we would never be lonely. We would be happy doing things by ourselves. But it is a fact, that we’re a lot happier when we have good and caring and loving friends. Here are the ABC’s of making and keeping great friendships!
You've read my previous posts about online dating and how to succeed at it. Now here are a few tips on how to find the right women for "fun" times. Thats right the illustrious friend with benefits...oooooohhhhhh!
Special friendships are sometimes found in the least likeliest of places!
This page is about the Friendship which should be present in everybody's life
For a true friend to me, a letter from my heart;You deserve the best!
Like a plant, a friend needs all the proper treatments for them to grow, to be mature, to be strong and to radiate their innermost beauty.
This article is about the fake persons who are pretending like good friends
This page is about end of friendship which gives more pain to us.
When you give it all away in the name of friendship and fall flat on yo face, you usually end up feeling the way i do....
This article is about optimistic friends whoever encourage us a lot to achieve our targets.
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