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There are those that will claim to be your friend, swearing undying loyalty but always vanish when things are not convenient for them. Then there are those that will drain you emotionally, physically and financially while claiming they are helping you. In their mind they believe the l...
We all are human being. We came to this world alone and will also leave it alone. Between this time, we use to pass our happy and unhappy both life in society as we are social being. In society with family, we use to have some true friends always with us in the journey of our life. Th...
Rejection is an insensitive virus that finds ways of destroying lives in more ways than one, it doesn’t matter how you handle your outer self your inner self has already been damaged and for some, that is the end, unless some form of counseling is found. Anxiety, depression, lonelin...
this is a poem I wrote for a friend she is real close to me and I want to keep our friendship strong
All friends depart.We are now at that threshold of time when each day we hear so nd so passed away We will follow soon ...
It's March 31,1949 and Newfoundland has just been welcomed as the tenth province of Canada. Some boys discuss how the events of the past two years have divided even friends and families. Sixty years later, now retired they gather to reminisce.
When young children are hurt, they cry. They ask for help. And hopefully someone is close by to help them. As we age, sometimes we forget that help can only come if we ask for it. Other times people can't guess something is wrong with us because they are inundated with the petty drama...
The time of your friendships, where there are trust issues, conflict, etc. Becoming unattached to that person. Not labeled as best friends anymore.
Poems on difficulties faced when being friends with people.
A story about a wonderful friendship that lasted a lifetime. And how the friends didn't realize they were falling in love with each other through out the years. Until they realized they were miserable without each other.
Have you ever felt the complication of being in a situation of not being able to have the same feelings as the other person. Just a few thoughts on some perks. Something we all can relate to
Many years ago the the 1950's saw huge changes. As motor vehicles be to take over and do jobs faster than the horse, the horses were made redundant.
Are you pissed off and annoyed by your friend BUT cannot get rid of him/her because of your close relationship? Well, I got some ways on how to deal with your annoying close friend.
For a true friend to me, a letter from my heart;You deserve the best!
This article is about the fake persons who are pretending like good friends
What soul ties really is? How you should look at it? Are there many possible dangers from soul ties?
A short story I started a while back. This is just the beginning.
A friend is someone whom you can depend upon; or are they.....
When you give it all away in the name of friendship and fall flat on yo face, you usually end up feeling the way i do....
This page is about selfishness among the friends, some fake friends are very selfish and don't give importance to the friendship
A way of overcoming the bitterness which came from your past, learn how to let go and accept things the way they are. Its not the about remembering the pain but its about the way of letting it go. Stop the bitterness, Spread the Love.
Friends are something everyone needs but there are friends that do more harm than good. These friends are toxic. How do you know when supposedly well meaning friends are actually toxic?
Having been active in community groups and projects for years, the concept of personal respect is an issue that is raised again and again. Conversation and personality styles are both influencing factors on how we interact, and respond to each other. Cutting off or ignoring someone wh...
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