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LORD made it clear that Pharaoh was to let his people go, that they may serve him. Exodus 8:1-15 Pharaoh was warned, but not threatened, because the end result was in his hands, he could have controlled the situation with a lot more common sense.
Here's a list of the amphibians and reptiles who live on nine acres with us.
Android games are fun to play and also improves the memory of a person. It is also a stress reliever. What are your favorite android games?
These are some of the haiku written by me. Cherry blossoms is a fav. of mine. I like the other ones like soft white daisies,life passes by- a judgement on life.
Have you ever listened to night time in the country? There is much going on that you cannot see. Listen to brooks and streams and the Small Owl in the woods.
A short poem about the sunsets and sunrises and what you might see and hear. All about natures gifts.
Let’s know the life circle of a frog! Read more:
Here's just a little something i thought up of while reading Alice in wonderland. Hope you enjoy!
We often hear the phase “You Are What You Eat” as it relates to being healthy, but this phrase in the animal kingdom, particularly with Flamingos and Frogs, is even more true to their nature.
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