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“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
Did you ever go into such a cold spell where you live that plumbers were recommending other plumbers because of many frozen pipes. Here is one areas story.
It was an afternoon of Spooktacular music in Buffalo with the Philharmonic Orchestra.
Strange indeed is this one but then it is a manifestation of what i am going through as I work on mending my veins and arteries...most people never realize the workings of their profound all those blood cells circulating and sometimes coagulating...not a good thing to do at...
2 games, 1 theme... yet enough differences between the two that one actually stands out a little more.
This is about the wrath of Mother Nature when she has had enough of the wrongdoing of mankind. When equilibrium is disturbed the earth responds in the only way she knows how. So perhaps time to gather ye rosebuds as ye may for once again balance and harmony on our earth is being dis...
A photographer utilised the opportunity of the temperature to take beautiful pictures with the help of her son.
Just want to introduce my nephew a well know singer and some of the songs he sang and achievements.
A short story of the cold of winter, perhaps in a dream, perhaps in the throes of death. Perhaps something entirely different. Read it and form your own opinion.
The Disney movie Frozen has much audiences will love.
This story is written from the diary entries I kept while on the journey. The year was 1981 and the season was winter. The goal was to traverse the southern scenic route of the South Island of New Zealand a total of 500 miles. The four horses are the main characters of my story. T...
Due to heavy cold storm in Sanlurfa province of Turkey, Four Donkeys could not manage shelter in the storm. They are Frozen condition, but some villagers provide and saved the donkeys in the storm.
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The sub-zero temperatures of this bone chilling January have created a unique canvas for my poetry. This year's extremely cold winter in Maine is exquisitely highlighted by the addition of my husband's Mike's amazing photos.
Leaving your cool wine because it doesn't taste good anymore? Try these simple tips so that you can finish your cool wine.
Now us Brits can be a funny lot, but when Spring has sprung and birds are all a-tweeting..we like nothing more than going for a ramble..unless it's minus 5 outside..! A tongue in cheek rant by Songbird B..
If you're tired of pulling food out of your freezer and discovering it turned into a huge frozen mess, try this trick and you won't have to deal with this problem again.
A man stretches his legs late one night. The cold is severe and the rivers and brooks freeze. Icicles hang off tree branches and bridge arches, cold ears and rime breath.
Surrogacy is a kind of agreement in which a woman takes the responsibility of bearing and giving birth to a child for another couple or person.
About a cold frosty night and a young boy not feeling the cold. An older man reliving his past about a beautiful frosty night.
A write about betrayal how when someone makes someone else look bad
We tell a bout raising apples in Idaho. We learned how as we went asked a lot of questions but we got the job done.
I wouldn't have to wait for the cold season ... I would be WINTER.
Thank you for reading this poetry belonging to the cold places of the heart and world. They can ring with a deep chill that wakes up the spirit and tunes us into our surroundings. I find when I walk in the winter, the wind slaps me awake, so I share that with you here. This is from my...
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