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Most retailers understand the amount of competition they have out there, especially in larger towns. To help encourage customers to remain loyal to them they accept coupons for various products. Here are some useful tips for you to get the most out of your coupon clipping!
As the New Year arrived, it is time to take stock of things and plan for the year ahead. I want to start with a self-appraisal of myself, find my strengths and weaknesses. I thought it'd be prudent to use Jefferson's list of virtues and measure myself on a scale of zero to ten. Here g...
Frugal living is sometimes regarded as a life of deprivation but on the contrary, a lot of frugal practices make you feel lighter and more liberated than living in excess. The surprising thing about adopting a frugal lifestyle is you don’t realize just how much of your possessions y...
I've seen and bookmarked many websites in my life, but I've never been blessed enough to stumble upon something so great in its infancy. 
Frugal living doesn't need to be drudgery. You can practice frugal living one small step at a time.
Everyone is always looking to save more money in and around the home. Here are 9 tips and ways you can implement to save money without making major changes to your everyday life.
A meeting with a millionaire showed that millionairs become millionaires by being careful with their money.
In today's economy eating out can be a very expensive venture—that is if you let it. If you enjoy eating out but don't really have a great deal of money to spend, you can follow some tips that will help you enjoy the best of both worlds. You want to keep in mind that you may not alw...
Reel lawnmowers are old fashioned push mowers that have been making a comeback. They are easy to maintain, economical, easy to use, quiet and safe creating no pollution until they are finally discarded.
One way to save gas is to relocate closer to where you work. It's a big investment, but it can pay for itself in terms of time, money, and health. It's worth considering if you're already considering relocation. The key is to make the move pay bigger dividends by reducing your commute...
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