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Fruit is a vital food; it supplies the body with something over and above the mere elements that the chemist succeeds in isolating by analysis. Fruit should always be eaten at the beginning of a meal. Again, when the diet consists of a mixture of cooked and uncooked foods, the uncooke...
The green bananas are often underestimated and considered worse than the ripe ones. This article destroys myths about them and observes their numerous useful qualities.
For bitten fruits The human mind revolves about natures forests and orifices
There are many worthy causes that are being rightly championed by extraordinary people.Most seem to be based on the preservation of human rights and some even go to protect the prosperity of animals,and natural flora and fauna. I am here to discuss the systematic desecration of anothe...
Compared to other commonly consumed fruits, apples ranked second for highest antioxidant activity. However, they ranked highest for the proportion of free phenolic compounds, which means they are not bound to other compounds in the fruit and therefore may be more easily absorbed into ...
Try this Baby Romaine with mixed fruit salad fir a refreshing, cool and crunchy salad as your meal starter, dessert, light snack or midnight snack.
I have a tested diet to help you in losing that excess weight/fat of yours in two weeks. It is strictly natural and disciplined diet. It is called "The Swedish Diet..."
Our earliest ancestors didn’t need to think in terms of time but today we are slaves to time.
This poem is about eating the right foods cooked in the right way to keep you fit and healthy.
This recipe is from the Immune Boosting Section of the Nutri-Bullet book. It boosts your immune system so you can tell those cold and flu bugs to back off during the winter season. It is delicious because it is just the right balance of spicy sweet and tart!
There is a trend of eating raw food or vegetables and raw fruit that could boom a few moments ago, because it is said to be maximal benefits earned by the body. The reason, nutrients and minerals, and vitamins in fruits and vegetables are said to be lost due to the heating process whe...
If you're tired of eating the same old green salad for lunch every day, don't despair. Learn how to eat more fruits and vegetables and add some variety to your lunch at the same time.
An easy way to decorate a plate with some fruits, for kids,or even for restaurants. My way to decorate.
I present here, how a cup of parsley helps me with my uric acid, and give me back my health on legs
The world is full of amazing beauty and creation ....all given for us to enjoy our loving God ...walk through it now with me ...
Apple is one of the most nutritious and healthy fruits ever. However it is often not valued as much as other juicy fruits like orange. my article will convince you that apple is as healthy as, if not healthier, than other fruits.
In the everlasting war on aging, here's a battle strategy that I hope will help.
Eating right can help prevent the disease. Here are some foods you can include in your diet
Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are good for health and do not use refined cereals, saturated fatty acids and processed & packaged foods.
This page gives the importance of Fruits and Vegetables which is good for our health.
Are potatoes good or bad for health? How about the grapes in our diet? Make some easy salad out of your favorite fruits or vegetables.
Fruit is good for you. This is one of my favorite fruit.I hope it will be one for you to. Enjoy.
Veggies and fruits are very important for the process of metabolism since they deliver plenty of edible fiber needed for the mechanism. For this reason, we are recommended to take vegetables and fruits for at least 5 portions each day: 2 portions of fresh fruits, and 3 servings of veg...
Today is offically the first day of spring and with unusually warm weather here I can't help but to start thinking about gardening
Nigeria is in the western Part of Africa with about 160 Million People (2011 World Population statistics) and more than 300 Tribes and ethnic groups. It is still rated as one of the poorest Nations in the world with more than 75% of its population living below $1/day, but the revelati...
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