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FRUSTRATION STEW...WE ALL are not happy all the time but some wantonly seek pleasure in remaining unhappy all the time Why
Feeling exhausted, have no enthusiasm and feeling ineffective at your job you may have burnout. Among jobs human service professions have the highest level of occupational burnout. These professions include teachers and physicians.
Have you ever had your blood boiling because of somebody deliberately trying to frustrate you, until you just have that uncrolled outburst? So have I.
We all have a machine that we fight against. Whether its an internal struggle or an outward cry its there. Perhaps your machine is the system, or a parent, maybe even life itself. Whatever it is we all have one.
Why does it seem as if society teetering on the edge of catastrophe? Reason and logic are taking a backward step while frustration, depravity, and despair seen to be leading and guiding all too many people. The state of the economy, bumbling from one recession to another has a large p...
This is the verse-journal for February 4, 2015. It sums the emotions at this time.
This is my public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading it.
This poem describes the hard road that sometimes is necessary for artistic creation.
living for another, wanting to be their everything has never worked...well, not for me, anyway.
Just a little chat with the love of my life; my sweet, amazing inspiration. It is a fickle little monster but oh so lovely, that I can't help but surrender to its alluring and sometimes frustrating demands again and again...
*A little heads-up: I've taken out all my withheld frustration in this one.*
To leave the moment, the time, and sometimes the place Your voice drones, inexpressive, in my face
A few weeks ago I was locked out of my Gmail account. Here is my bizarre misadventure with a major corporation's customer service department.
Being a parent is hard enough. I dislike unorganized coaches and sports organizations that add to the difficulty and frustration. The following piece is my second article on this topic.
this poem is about the student who is frustrated of the examination .... now dont want to study . ... read it its so intresting
A poem about the frustration, desperation, and confusion of a child toward God
The word frustrated became so commonly used that it defines most of what we are
A letter sent to a school board member addressing the sudden leaving of my job and the negative influences driving the decision.
A third part to _Twenty-five Reasons Why Charlie Should Never Read Jane's Books to Jane_ is offered for your entertainment and amusement. If you've ever been the victim of a salacious pop-up ad, and your significant other walked in on it, then you should understand Charlie's position ...
The full title of this poem is, "lnspired by a reading of Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, which I've obviously used for my own purposes." It is an author's attempt to deal with marginalization by others.
I'm not June Cleaver and I'm not Bree Van De Camp. I am not a Stepford Wife. But I do believe my home is less stressful because there is small stuff I don't sweat. Clean towels are one of those things. Read on to learn more...
Allowing children the independence to pick out their own clothing can cause frustration. However, pairing outfits in advance and picking out clothes the night before can eliminate a lot of frustration and still allow children to make their own choices. I've fictionalized and dramatiz...
Understanding frustration and discovering what is the genesis of it.
This Poem is about Poverty. It is said that Poverty is a mind-set and manifests after polluting the mind. Poverty is beyond just physical lack or non-possession of material things, because it affects even those in possession of such things.
Have you ever been trapped in a situation from which there seemed to be no escape? It's hellish, believe me. I long to have my life back so badly, I just want to scream!
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