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One of my hobbies is researching and learning about the oil markets. Barring a major world catastrophe or new major war in the middle east, I believe that oil prices will remain low for years to come. Here are the reasons why I believe that this will be the case.
After many years of driving passing my test at 17, the age you can drive in the UK I decided to give it up because of the cost of driving in the UK.
Eco-Friendly cars help to save the environment by producing less or no carbon emissions. They help to reduce the carbon foot print of each and every individual using an eco-friendly car. Electric cars and Hybrid cars are two eco-friendly cars that help to save the environment. Read on...
Researchers have given e.coli bacteria a desired use by genetically modifying them to change sugar into an oil close enough to diesel that can be used in engines. Scaling up this process could be an alternative to fossil fuels.
Transport is a big issue everywhere. With the rising costs of fuel, those of us who drive are feeling the pinch. Here are some things that you can do to reduce your fuel bills.
Thermal inefficient energy conversion processes are responsible for heat pollution. That part of the energy content of the fuel input which is not converted into useful work appears in the from of heat and must somehow be dissipated.
There is a huge need of a fuel which can substitute petrol in the coming years.Also the newer source should be eco-friendly as environment is our new concern.So the research works are going on different parts of the world to find alternative of petrol.One of the alternative suggested ...
Using the wrong fuel nozzle can cost you several thousand dollars. For this reason ,the engine of a diesel vehicle that has been filled with petrol by accident should not be started.The only exception is when the amount is very small ,since petrol will mix with diesel.
One of the most important searches being carried on by scientists is for new sources of energy. It’s not just that they want to find cheaper and more efficient sources of energy to do the work of the world, it’s also because some of the natural sources we now have will eventually ...
Keeping the family safe from dangerous poisons by using heating equipment which has been serviced and installed by a technician or installer
Had your eye on a diesel turbine but desired to create sure it was your best option, then study on discover out the factors many individuals use them.
With fuel prices on the rise filling up your personal vehicle with gas is almost like a nightmare putting a real drain on your pockets. So whether your daily trip is a short one or a long one using these best driving practices would certainly save up on your fuel.
This week has been a blessed week of Poems and after been inspired by a lot, I decided to compose mine, getting the inspiration in the Hospital (As Usual). It's a blend of Old English with its contemporary form which explains the features of Pride as a personality in an individual. I ...
Saving money on gas is something many are interested in doing. A few changes could help many save more on gasoline costs.
Todays driving conditions are very diffferent to the 1980's
A look at the amazing Hemp plant read on to find out just how versatile this incredible plant is....
Many of our pensioners are suffering behind closed doors in homes they are afraid to heat because of the huge hikes in charges being made by the Power providers. With the Winter fuel payments being cut back many will be forced to choose, 'heat or eat?'
Basic things often overlooked when dealing with a loss of fuel mileage in regards to tractor trailers.
This one is strange; wrought from the oddities of my subconscious, I believe. Inspiration was derived from a hair-clasp sitting on my desk and from conflicts within me; past pain and allusions to a friend at the fore of my mind. Five lines per stanza? Why not.
The city of Mobile has a fire station that has a contract with the Mobile Airport located on Airport Boulevard in west Mobile. The firefighters at this fire station are trained specifically in evacuation of passengers and firefighting in aircraft emergencies.
Here are six great ways to save fuel in considerable amounts.
This article discusses items to be considered before leasing or buying an alternative fuel vehicle.
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