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Last night Mother, Father, Harrison, Petros and I sit on the West Wing stoep and eat. Then comes up the discussion of what to do for my birthday tomorrow. What to do?
Eating is fun and that too in young age, one tends to over eat. At younger age, overeating may not cause any major problem as kids will be very active in those days.But eating more in old age when we exercise less, this may cause some serious health problems for sure
Finding a venue for your book launch can be daunting! Firstly, where do you even start looking? How do you know what you need? What questions should you ask? This first installment of the "Launching Your Book in Style (Even on a Tight Budget)" series will answer these questions. Come ...
To start with a new parh or road takes willingness, and we should choose to experiement a little, of course curiosity
Playing with kids and getting involved in their activities makes us feel relaxed a lot
This is just s short rhyme coined into a political speech during campaign of a prominent politician. I hope its good.
Many people still believe that drinking more water will solve many health problems , but the fact is that drinking water more than certain limits is bad for health !
Our general health depends on the proper function of one of the vital organs in our body- our liver.Here are some reasons why we should consider cleansing it.
Organizing a successful local charity function will require pre-planning, preparation and some organization.
The mixed-signal circuits are circuits that contain both the analog as well as the digital circuit. The examples of this circuit are the timers, comparator, PLLs, ADCs and DACs. Mixed-signal circuits are mostly used in the circuitry of radio and modern communication.
For the regulation of the body processes, proteins help in facilitating the exchange of the nutrients coming between the cells and the fluids within the cell as well as in facilitating the exchange of nutrients between the cells and the blood. The proteins also help in maintaining flu...
Nutrients can also be classified according to their essentiality. It refers to the nutrients essential contribution in the physiological functioning of the body. The nutrients are all essential and important, they only differs on their functions on different body parts.
These nutrients that are in large amount are called macronutrients; they are the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They are usually measured in grams.
The cause of vitiligo isn't fully understood, but may be related to immune system function. It often starts in small areas with rapid loss of pigment on sun-exposed areas of your body, such as the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips.
Funny but not only kids love miniature stuffs. There is this one in the electronic industry who made a constant modification to miniaturize bulky gadgets to a much smaller one. One example to this is the recently launched netbook.
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