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It is exactly equivalents to 28 years, seven months and fifteen days - my wife Imelda has enjoyed life with me and with our three loving children. For more than 28 years, we have enjoyed the married life full of beautiful dreams for the future ahead. We have never fight or have shoute...
I get up and get ready in one of the guest rooms of Rand Estate. Petros and I sleep in two of the guest rooms and Mother and Father and Elmarie in Halfway House. We came here yesterday so that we are close to the cemetary where Auntie Marienne will be buried, in the Krugersdorp area...
Since William Shatner, aka Star Strek's Captain Kirk chose to pass on his famed co-star Leonard Nimoy's funeral, a little storm has ensued.
This article is to help people who are confused about whether or not to be cremated, or not after the death of a loved one.
Mona's mother dies suddenly just three weeks from the date she must write the grade eleven exams. Felipe is there for his friend.
Witness one of the most famous supernatural events in American history. Known to most as "Lincoln's Phantom Train", the hauntingly eerie and intriguing event begins in Washington D.C. and slowly travels through 180 cities that includes Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ...
Having your final wishes made known in writing and/or orally will make it a less stressful situation as your family goes through the grieving process.
I was always my own person. Sometimes this got me into a lot of trouble, especially with my dad. This poem is about how I dressed at my favourite Uncle's funeral. I wore no tie. I wore old jeans. I wore a very colourful bright yellow shirt. I wore my old thongs. Of course, I was sti...
Without a plan, other people must clean up after you when you die. This last act of selfishness adds anger and disappointment to already grieving families.
The first funeral service on Malaysia Airlines passenger plane that disappeared two months ago will take place in Brisbane, Australia, Sunday, May 4.
Another installment of 25 Reasons. Charlie hates funerals, but at this one he isn't the only unwelcome mourner...
A little graveyard humour to lighten the dark days.
I have just read the very sad case about a young girl from Florida, aged only 12, who was repeatedly bullied online and in her daily life, so she took her own life. Her parents have set up a fund to help pay her funeral expenses, and arrests of two girls have been made. Read on to fi...
Tips for choosing a funeral home that works for you and your family.
I can't imagine something more painful than this. I don't want to think about the day that one of them isn't going to be here with me
A Childhood Tragedy that has haunted me for 41 years, and will continue to do so until the day I die. God, bless little children, and pray they have parents who watch over them and keep them safe!
Do you want to know how service providers make extra money during funeral?
Recently I was at a funeral , and although there were times of sadness, it could even be seen as a joyful time knowing our friend is now with the Lord ...
A memorial service was held for Nancy Lanza, 52, mother of Adam Lanza, the Connecticut school shooter on Saturday in Kingston, N.H. On Dec. 20, family members and friends attended a small, private funeral, but out of respect for the Sandy Hook victims held off on a larger service.
Now a days everything is available in the market, in Taiwan professional mourners are crying and weeping for strangers.
This is a true story about a recurring true that my mother had several times in the last 2 to 3 years of her life.
As a young teacher I find I am also responible holding church services plus much more.
My granny never liked having her photo taken, even after death.
Bina neither had grandfathers nor grandmothers. But, she was permitted to see her father's mother, who was dead years ago. A true story of how the dead keep loving their dear ones.
A poem that is strictly based off of symbols and imagery, this one took about an hour to make and another hour to make a few revisions so it was able to make sense. This holds a more gothic style to my poetry. Comments are open.
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