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People with diabetes are more prone to dental infections because diabetes reduces the body's immunity system to fight against infections. High levels of sugar act as as an ideal medium for the growth of bacteria and fungus that leads to infections and inflammations. Keeping blood suga...
Many simple advices on how to make your washing machine last longer.
How I can make Mycelium,what is Mycelium?It is very easy actually.
Moms against ringworm, unite! Knock out ringworm with a 1,2,3, natural knockout that doesn't involve expensive, chemical filled lotions and potions and such (oh my!).
Understanding the science behind arthritis is difficult. If you have arthritis, it is important to understand more about the disease and to get a clear picture of what is happening in your body, especially if you want to find alternative ways to help combat your inflammation. This a...
This is a revised article I made for those who seek for home remedies for ringworm. I hope you get some important tips.
My walk along a disused railway line which makes good walking away from the hussle and bussle.
Pathogens are infectious organisms that can either be bacteria, viruses or fingus, all of which can be highly infectious
There are 102 good qualities in copper metal than the less bad qualities
Fungi have played an important role in Chinese culture for a recorded 4000 years--and probably longer. Historically used as a preventative and medicinal curative for numerous ailments, modern science is now finding that fungi may hold the key to curing dozens of modern-day chronic di...
One of the most significant findings in recent years concerning the natural curative powers of plants is scientific proof that fungi contain a number of compounds that can stimulate immune function and inhibit tumor growth in humans. This opens the door to the possibility of an HIV v...
There are already new alternatives that science is helping on how to cure foot hand and finger disorders.
I would like to share with you some memories about a rented house I lived in for a month.
A sore throat is a raw scratchy sensation that is very irritating and makes it hard to swallow. A Sore throat can cause problems with speaking and the most common cause is from prolonged shouting like at a foot ball game or screaming like you’re at a rock concert.
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