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A true story of how my curiosity almost got me trampled to death. Word of advice, when they say don't disturb the animals at a zoo or a nature reserve; please follow the instructions.
I attended my boss's wedding and at the time, hadn't met his young, well-proportioned physically attributed future wife Bridgett. It was my turn to meet her at the reception which consisted of 400 guests.
A time when my thirst almost led me to make a terrible decision.
A time when I wanted to surprise someone and things all went to hell...
The day I almost accidentally became a sexual predator.
The time I went for my first ever STD check at the local hospital.
How I attended a funeral that hadn't happened yet.
This is about a wierdest thing I founded while surfing internet on google.
Last week my Afrikaans (kind of like Dutch), speaking friend had just returned from London after doing some contract work on an electric turbine...
There is a daughter of a famous movie star which asked by her teacher to write a story about a poor family
funny story based an a life experience about me and my misses and are crazy life we lead
this a list of some of the most ridiculous and funniest robbery cases to ever took place around the world
Reality check. Freedom to write. Crush at first sight. Puppy love. Expressing oneself. Interesting. Be youRself to be on top.
Shopping online is the best way to shop. The stores scare me too much.
A day at work that is all too rare. Yes it is silly but it could happen. A poem of humor.
it is a short story which arouses susupence in reader and and ends with smile on the face of readers.
We all have those days when we open our mouths and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. It seems to me I have more of those than most. Here's a few examples of those "foot-in-the-mouth" times.
Come on all you budding comical writers, lets see what you can do with this challenge
I was waiting in the Vets waiting room holding onto my dog. The room was crowded with all kinds of pets and pet owners. I was frowning most of the time, dreading the possibility of my dog escaping and creating turmoil, when the Vet, Dr. Grant came strolling in. He was 30 minutes late....
First there is Jet, not a significant name for an alpha male cat, but don't dare be mislead by the toned down kind of name, since when it suits him, he can howl like a banshee! Able to send most challengers scurrying in every which direction. Jet has managed to dodge every reckless ca...
here is a page of jokes for all to read hi hope you like them..
A beautiful and naughty teacher interview with a boy, asking with dirty meanings but the boy innocent and smart answers. Very interesting, funny and humorous conversations.
We have all had the awkward 'Birds and Bees' conversation, wether at school with the nurse, home with your parents or at the police station after an innocent. This is a short about the first ever Sex Ed.
This is one of the first story/poems I ever wrote for performance. It is based on a place across from my University called the Racecourse named that because it used to be a racecourse. However I was warned from the minute I got to University not to cross it at night as it became the R...
This is a parody I wrote of Boots by Rudyard Kipling. I wrote this after having to perform the poem in a Britannia Showcase. I feel my 'Heels' poem gives an equally good impression of Britain. Knowledge of 'Boots' is not required all you need know is that its a military style rhythm.
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