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Hustle and Bustle is the life in my city, but i still love it that way.
This is about a wierdest thing I founded while surfing internet on google.
Last week my Afrikaans (kind of like Dutch), speaking friend had just returned from London after doing some contract work on an electric turbine...
Shopping online is the best way to shop. The stores scare me too much.
A day at work that is all too rare. Yes it is silly but it could happen. A poem of humor.
Very simply I am going to write silly poetry and hope to put a smile on someone that is having a bad day.
A humorous poem that just might be a reflection of its author with a tad bit of adult humor. I'll let you make up your mind!
it is a short story which arouses susupence in reader and and ends with smile on the face of readers.
Just a satire on politicians.......................................
Takes another look at the lighter side of life. Blends humour with a little wit to ease everyday tension. It is intended to appeal to the intellectual as well as to those who want to have a whole lot of fun.
A collection of jokes that i know and collected over the time.
A funny and wired picture always attracts people. It is not only the picture itself, the significance and its impact is immense in our society.
An eighty eight year old Canadian WWII Veteran was snatched from his bed by an emergency response team in British Columbia.
When men are ill they often behave like children, especially within medical settings. Here's what happens when one is left in the hospital.
Men and women communicate differently especially when health issues arise. The results can often be very humorous and embarrassing!
We have all had the awkward 'Birds and Bees' conversation, wether at school with the nurse, home with your parents or at the police station after an innocent. This is a short about the first ever Sex Ed.
This is one of the first story/poems I ever wrote for performance. It is based on a place across from my University called the Racecourse named that because it used to be a racecourse. However I was warned from the minute I got to University not to cross it at night as it became the R...
This is a parody I wrote of Boots by Rudyard Kipling. I wrote this after having to perform the poem in a Britannia Showcase. I feel my 'Heels' poem gives an equally good impression of Britain. Knowledge of 'Boots' is not required all you need know is that its a military style rhythm.
This is a comedy poem/story about my attempts to pick up girls, I wish I was better at it.
Christmas only comes round once a year and I bet Santa wishes he could call in sick.
Have a look at some funny designation definitions in Software companies that will make you laugh.
Here it is a crazy and very funny essay on a cow. I suppose anyone who reads this will burst into laughter. I hope you appreciate this
Prepare a crazy dish of stuffed camels. It is used for the purpose of humor. Do not try this at home
Here is a letter I wrote to someone.. reading which would drive you crazy laughing
Tony Hancock was a British Actor and comedian; born on the 12th of May 1924 at Southam Road Hall Green Birmingham UK he still stands as my all time favourite funny man
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