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A tale highlighting just how much power a barber wields. Respect them, they can make or ruin your day.
The story of a guy who pimped his girlfriend to save his own ass…literally.
Beauty and shrewdness are a dangerous combination. This is a story of how I experienced that first hand.
Sometimes, lying is better than having to tell the truth.
I attended my boss's wedding and at the time, hadn't met his young, well-proportioned physically attributed future wife Bridgett. It was my turn to meet her at the reception which consisted of 400 guests.
A time I believe I made a sacrifice for the greater good.
A time when my girlfriend and I went to feed some horses and things went south...
A time when my thirst almost led me to make a terrible decision.
Jack Diamond, my date, a Big Mac, my horror. You do the math.
A time when I wanted to surprise someone and things all went to hell...
The day I almost accidentally became a sexual predator.
The time I went for my first ever STD check at the local hospital.
Ever had this? Long moments of perplexity, followed by, perhaps, longer moments of embarrassment.
There are many myths about Las vegas, read on to find out more. You might think Vegas is a magical city that pour you tons of money but no way jose
Its all bout Jokes. Laughing makes your blood pressure low, if its high. Ready to reduce your blood pressure. Look at the Page.
The grocery store served as a classroom for a young mother and her child. I was blessed to have witnessed a wonderful, thoughtful and fast thinking mother in action. At the same time, I observed how well we culturally "wait our turn".
Televisions are getting more and more complicated, especially for the technologically-challenged amongst us. Many of us just want to watch a television show or a movie once in a while without all the hoopla. Here’s what happens when a technologically-dense older man, buys a new tel...
Sometimes when we are down on our luck, we have to live where we can afford - even if that mean's living in someone's shed!
Too much snow equals frustration. Everything takes longer, people get fed up, less observant and in some cases downright careless!
This is about a wierdest thing I founded while surfing internet on google.
This is a story of a rivalry between two men who used to be best friends.
A story about a child that loved to skipped school and also lie to his dad.
Funny Stories And Jokes. This page is going to be filled with funny stories and jokes.
Last week my Afrikaans (kind of like Dutch), speaking friend had just returned from London after doing some contract work on an electric turbine...
There is a daughter of a famous movie star which asked by her teacher to write a story about a poor family
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