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I attended my boss's wedding and at the time, hadn't met his young, well-proportioned physically attributed future wife Bridgett. It was my turn to meet her at the reception which consisted of 400 guests.
2004 Democrat Presidential Candidate Howard Dean gets a bit too excited during a campaign rally in Iowa
Representative Vietnam calmly said: "Of course, we also have to calculate the error is 20cm .."
This is about a wierdest thing I founded while surfing internet on google.
Bob rents an apartment in New York and goes to the lobby to put his name on the mailbox.
This is a story of a rivalry between two men who used to be best friends.
A story about a child that loved to skipped school and also lie to his dad.
Funny Stories And Jokes. This page is going to be filled with funny stories and jokes.
Last week my Afrikaans (kind of like Dutch), speaking friend had just returned from London after doing some contract work on an electric turbine...
Sometimes reading some posts that contains serious things it will make us become tense. Therefore in this my article I try to present an article with "A Play on Words" and its just for a "FUNNY" thing only.
Jokes and pranks from the kid, hilarious and new, original, from the crazed mind of Gregory Stomberg musician / poet / author
The Bible gives some funny advice to men that just might also be some good advice. Read some verses to make you laugh and gain some good knowledge.
funny story based an a life experience about me and my misses and are crazy life we lead
Jack struggling in the Bollywood goes visiting Director at the studio during the shoot. Returns to his room dejected and disappointed, takes to comfort of for warm afternoon Nap. But after he was awake he comes to know he had missed on and Slept Out a juicy act involving his roommat...
This is a group of poems that I wrote please enjoy them.
Reality check. Freedom to write. Crush at first sight. Puppy love. Expressing oneself. Interesting. Be youRself to be on top.
Shopping online is the best way to shop. The stores scare me too much.
A day at work that is all too rare. Yes it is silly but it could happen. A poem of humor.
Very simply I am going to write silly poetry and hope to put a smile on someone that is having a bad day.
Here is a collection of some of my favorite jokes .
Tips to ponder and to consider about improving yourself.
A humorous poem that just might be a reflection of its author with a tad bit of adult humor. I'll let you make up your mind!
Me, my thoughts, things that interest me or happen to me and friends and family, some political rants (not many)
it is a short story which arouses susupence in reader and and ends with smile on the face of readers.
The poems i will be writing are going to be funny. I will be writing about things we have in our homes and what they Would be thinking of us.
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