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As you man know I was at a convention on the weekend and just yesterday we had a brand new Grandson come, so I have been very busy and thought I would simply post some of my notes from the conference as I have little time to write...I think you will like them just fine.
God's purpose for earth and the future as contained in the creative work of God in the Bible is so glaring that man was given the right to tend and not to destroy or cause disaffection to the component(s) of the earth. It becomes pertinent with this article for us to examine God'...
Life is beautiful do you not agree? It is the single most fascinating thing there is, simply because it exists, when it as easily could not. We are here. Now ask yourself, as magnificent as the occurrence of life is, is the way we live it equal to it? Does the meaning of life we have...
How tech has changed our society and the future of technology
Precise of Richter, Sandra L. The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2008.
I discuss what my hopes are for my future after college.
This is an essay I wrote about my plans for the future when I was in college.
What was learned when I took off on a quest to cleave the spiritual 'me' from the rest in order to observe it's purity. A journey into the reasons for self loathing.
If I could have a glimpse at my future I would turn it down. This article tells you why.
I am writing this letter in the hopes that you are going to read it.
This page is about living our life in present. Past is gone and future is unexpected, so live your life in the present time to enjoy it a lot.
Despite clear yearnings of common citizens for unity of purpose, our leaders lose themselves in threatrics, negativity, pulling each other down needlessly and endlessly. Time to rise above these divisive, defeatist attitudes and policies
I wonder if a hundred years from now, that is of course our species still exists, will others look to our history and question what we are doing? Would they be proud of our success and evolution or will they have a different outlook.
Well, sharing one of my recent poems telling how much uncertain you will find when you think about your is good to behold the thoughts of your future!
The downward spiraling economy which began in late 2008 has left many people feeling hopeless and helpless. Remembering that nothing ever remains the same may give rise to a more positive outlook.
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